Easydry celebrates five years

The award-winning Easydry biodegradable towels brand celebrates its fifth birthday in April.

Five years after Anne Butterly, founder and managing director of Easydry, perfected her eco-towel invention and launched a revolution on the beauty industry, thousands of hair and beauty salons, including major names in Australia and Britain, have taken to the convenient, absorbent and eco-friendly Easydry disposables system.

One of its earliest devotees, Endota Spa in Queensland, has been using Easydry since it arrived in Australia in 2009.

“We love the Easydry – it has dramatically reduced our washing and the negative impact we had on the environment. The quality of the towels is amazing and the clients feel no less quality in the service they receive,” said Maggie Jones, manager of Endota Spa in Rosalie.

“They are such a high quality, cost-effective way to help ease the negative burden on our world by using too much water, electricity and detergents in the waterways.”

The eco-towel is a totally natural product and is 100 per cent recyclable and biodegradable.

Butterly (pictured, right) came up with the idea of Easydry while sharing a flat with six other girls, all of whom dyed their hair. Getting fed up with soggy stained towels, she sought out an alternative. When she discovered there wasn’t one, she invented Easydry.

“It is hugely satisfying to reach this anniversary and see my invention selling around the world,” Butterly said.

“Hundreds of spas and beauty salons are now benefiting from the convenience and cost-effectiveness of Easydry, and in doing so are helping reduce our impact on the planet. I’m delighted I’ve been able to help them do this.”

The range has been extended to include water and tint-proof capes for technical treatments, gowns, bedding, body wraps and disposable underwear.

In September 2009, Easydry was named Innovation of the Year at the prestigious British Hairdressing Business Awards.

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