Beauticate: a newsletter service for beauty and spa professionals

Beauticate provides beauty professionals with tools to simplify marketing their business, including a comprehensive monthly or quarterly newsletter service delivered directly to beauty professionals to distribute to their client base.

Newsletter articles are generic and cover either of the following topics: skin, body, waxing, spa, health and wellbeing or make-up. Each newsletter is branded with the client’s business logo, colour matched to their business colours and highlights a chosen promotion for the month or quarter.

Beauticate also provides “call to action” postcards and greeting cards. The newsletter service is an effective marketing tool, delivering relevant industry material and allowing businesses to market their product or services in a tactful manner. It’s consistent, reliable and informative and will ensure businesses never miss out on a marketing opportunity to expand their business.

Beauticate believes it is vital for small to medium businesses to communicate and ‘reach out to their clients’. Through regular communication beauty and day spa professionals will strengthen their client relationship and stay in their clients’ ‘top of mind’ through product and service reinforcement.

To register, or for more information visit or phone: 0434 782 154.

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