APAN contributes to the National Wage Review of Fair Work Act 2009

Currently the Federal Government is undergoing a review of the Fair Work Act 2009 and has requested suggestions from stakeholders and communities as they are looking at updating the Fair Work Act 2009 and its regulations on wages.

While APAN addresses its members’ needs with the support of a competent legal firm, it is constantly receiving complaints from salon and spa businesses that are struggling with deficiencies within the current structure. As a result APAN will be including its own National Submission with recommendations on behalf of the aesthetics industry.

Tina Viney, CEO of APAN stated that even though APAN is petitioning predominantly on behalf of its members, the organization also welcomes any comments from others within the industry in general who would like to share their thoughts and concerns. “Please send us a quick email to info@apanetwork.com expressing your recommendations and challenges that you would like us to petition on your behalf.”

“This is a great opportunity for the industry to be heard,” Tina stressed. "There is no point in wasting time complaining when it goes nowhere. Here is a rare opportunity when your opinions and recommendations can contribute to possible changes for the better.”

All submission must be received Please ensure that we receive these by the 10th February 2011. Together as one voice we can have a stronger impact and make a difference.

For further details visit www.apanetwork.com.au, email: info@apanetwork.com or call Tina Viney direct on 07 55930360.

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