No-needle filler takes the world by storm

Got a client who’s shy of needles? We may have found the answer. Professional Beauty talks to Stephanie Sherlock, CEO of Architects of Skin, about the company’s soon-to-launch Fillerina, the world-first no-needle, topical filler that is winning hearts (and awards).


Fillerina zaps wrinkles and lines without needles thanks to six different types of hyaluronic acid and peptides.
Fillerina zaps wrinkles and lines without needles thanks to six different types of hyaluronic acid and peptides.


So what is Fillerina?

“Fillerina is the first no-needle filler for at-home use,” says Stephanie Sherlock, CEO of Architects of Skin, the creators of Fillerina. “It contains six different types of Hyaluronic Acid designed to fill wrinkles up to 48.1 per cent, plump lips up to 45.9 per cent and cheek bones up to 3.39mm and lift facial features WITHOUT needles.

When did it launch?

“Architects of Skin is launching Fillerina in Australia and New Zealand in September 2016. It was recently launched in the US and UK.”

What are the active ingredients?

“Fillerina features a mix of six different HA molecules of varying molecular weights and sizes that are especially effective at penetrating the layers of the skin and allowing tissues to be filled in and plumped up,” says Sherlock. “Hyaluronic Acid (1,000 Da) and Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate (5,000 Da) both penetrate the deep dermis; Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid (50,000 Da) penetrates the middle and deep layers of the dermis; Sodium Hyaluronate (200,000 Da) penetrates the epidermis and middle layers of the skin; Sodium Hyaluronate (2,000,000 Da) penetrates the epidermis, while Sodium Hyaluronate Crossplymer penetrates the skin.”

“Fillerina also contains two peptides, one that stimulate the synthesis of the major component of the extracellular matric,” adds Sherlock. “Matrifull reconstructs and plumps the deep cutaneous tissues, while and Hexapeptide, which regulates the movement of water through the skin.”


Got a client who is needle-shy? This 2-step at-home filler could be your answer.


What’s special about this formulation?

“Sodium Hyaluronate Crossplymer,”says Sherlock. “This ingredient has been clinically proven to penetrate the skin without injection and is responsible for a slow and continual hyaluronic acid release. This is the reason why the results last for up to 3 months after application.”

What are the skin benefits?

“[Just like] the hyaluronic acid filling treatments used in aesthetic medicine, the aim of Fillerina is to allow large quantities of HA to penetrate deep into the cutaneous tissues to fill in wrinkles and to boost cheek and lip volume,” says Sherlock.

What is hyaluronic acid particularly good at?

“HA is a fundamental component of the dermis,” says Sherlock. “It provides the skin with classic characteristics of softness and elasticity. However, its concentration within the connective tissue tends to diminish with age… HA allows the reactivation of mature skin by stimulating cell functionality and restoring firmness.”

What has been the reaction so far?

“In countries where Fillerina has been launched – US, UK, and some countries in Europe – stockists have sold out,” says Sherlock. “The uptake of the product has been greater than expected by Fillerina and their customers are re-ordering not just the treatment but the day and night creams as well.”

And it has already won awards…?

“Yes, Fillerina won Innovative Product of the Year at the Face Today Awards in London, December 2015,” says Sherlock.



How can this new product be incorporated into a beauty routine?

“Fillerina can be applied at any time, preferably at night after drinking two glasses of water. This will assist the absorption of the product into the dermis,” recommends Sherlock.

Is Fillerina set to be direct competition to the injectables market?

“Fillerina will not achieve the same results as injectables and is not designed to replace injectables,”says Sherlock. “However, for those who are needle phobic and are looking to plump lips and cheeks, and reduce the depth of their wrinkles, then Fillerina is a perfect option. It can also be used to prolong the results of injectables.”

How can salon owners use this no-needle filler?

“There is a gap in the market between HA used in injectables and the use of HA in salon brands across the country,” says Sherlock. “Fillerina “fills” this gap perfectly, allowing salon owners the opportunity to prescribe it to clients who are after a non-invasive method to reduce wrinkle volume and increase lip and cheek volume. Ella Rouge are the first clinic in Australia to take-up the technology for their group of salons in NSW.”

Could this be the answer to DIY fillers?
Could this be the answer to DIY fillers?


What is the beauty media saying about Fillerina?

“The number of beauty and fashion bloggers who are requesting information about this product and our launch is overwhelming, says Sherlock. “The New York Times, Marie Claire, Vogue, and other major magazines and online new journals cannot get enough of the product!”



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