This Video Shows 100 Years Of Beauty Trends In 60 Secs

Prepare to laugh, cry and experience some serious beauty nostalgia. This clever video takes you through 100 years of beauty in just a minute, and it’s brilliant.

Source: YouTube

It’s racked up over a million hits online in just a couple of weeks, and for good reason.

The latest YouTube sensation is an ingenious one minute video that captures the beauty trend of every decade for the past one hundred years using time lapse photography.

From pared back makeup and luminous hair to a colour slick of bright eyeshadow and neon lipstick framed by teased-out tresses, the video’s model undergoes a series of dramatic transformations that go to show just how fickle our definition of beauty can be.

So sit back, relax (for a minute, anyway) and prepare to giggle, reminisce and possibly cringe at a hundred years of beauty ‘norms’, many of which you’ll feel a particular fondness for…

Have your say: Why do you think social ideals of beauty have changed so dramatically over the years?


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