Victoria’s Roadmap to Reopen sees beauty services return at 70% double vaccination rate

According to Business Victoria, the Victorian Government has announced Victoria’s new roadmap to deliver the National Plan

They say “The roadmap is based on expert modelling from the Burnet Institute and is set against COVID-19 thresholds including hospitalisation rates, and the vaccination targets already set out in the National Plan to transition Australia’s National COVID-19 Response. 

The COVID-19 thresholds detailed in the roadmap will be important measures to maintain as Victoria moves through the different stages in order to safeguard the health system. 

Indicative dates in the roadmap include: 

26 September: 80 per cent of Victorians expected to have had at least one vaccination dose. This is Phase A of the National Plan. This means In regional Victoria masks can be removed by clients at beauty services if the service requires it. 

26 October: 70 per cent of Victorians expected to have had both vaccination doses. This is Phase B of the National Plan and lockdown will end in Melbourne. Beauty services will be allowed in metropolitan Melbourne for up to 5 fully vaccinated clients at a time, following mask and socially distancing rules.  

5 November: 80 per cent of Victorians expected to have had both vaccination doses. This is Phase C of the National Plan, and regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne will come together under the same rules. Beauty services will be open for fully vaccinated people.

19 November: once 80 per cent of Victorians aged 12 and over are fully vaccinated, restrictions will align with Phase D of the National Plan.” Restrictions will align with the National Plan to transition Australia’ National COVID-19 Response, agreed to by the National Cabinet.


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