Achieve the Ultimate Glow Up With This Cleansing Device

Venus Concept is a medical aesthetics company that believes in pushing boundaries while embracing creativity and innovation. Their new product, Venus Glow, provides a deep cleansing treatment to the skin and its subcutaneous layers.

The ‘glowup’ hashtag is the perfect marketing tool for clinics as it encourages clients to share their results on social media – and succinctly defines exactly what our clients want and what we should deliver.

The desire to ‘glow up’, rather than simply grow up or grow older, is a boom for the aesthetic industry.

#glowup has inspired billions (yes, billions!) to share their ‘before-and-after’ photos on social media and is therefore a simple but highly effective marketing tool for clinics.

Each hashtag also succinctly defines what clients want from aesthetic treatments today and what clinics should always aim to deliver.

Venus Concept’s new deep cleansing device, Venus Glow

Most clients simply want to look like a slightly better version of themselves rather than an over-filled or frozen, almost unrecognisable, imitation of someone else and are therefore investing time and money in the pursuit of flawless skin.

Venus has several devices to help clients achieve such #skingoals but the Venus Glow dermal renewal system is the best choice for those who want an instant glow-up without any downtime.

The system uses three modalities (a vacuum, a 360-degree rotating tip and two powerful ultra-fine jet streams) to deep cleanse the skin in less than 15 minutes:

  • The vacuum gently opens pores by removing impurities in the stratum corneum while also micro-massaging the skin to spread nutrients released from the bloodstream
  • The two jet streams (each finer than an average strand of hair) spray purified water into the pores  
  • The rotating tip micro-massages the skin to increase the spread of the purified water released from the jet streams and the nutrients released from the bloodstream.

Venus Glow can be offered as a stand-alone treatment or further enhanced with Venus’ proprietary Glow serums: GlowAstra (brightening), GlowNova (anti-ageing), GlowSana (protecting) and GlowClara (calming).

Venus Glow treatments, with or without serums, are ideal for almost any client looking for an instant glow up worth sharing with the world.

To learn more about Venus Glow, click here.

This article was sponsored by Venus Concept.

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