I Tried… HydraFacial. Here’s Why It Lives up to the Hype

Hannah Gay navigates the Australian professional beauty industry, one burgeoning trend at a time. This time, she tried HydraFacial.

The world first discovered Youtube back in 2005. In the 17 years since the social media platform first brought us cat videos and influencers, content geared toward the skin has boomed – most notably, videos of facial extractions. Audiences typically fall either side of the fence – some mesmirised by footage of open pores and sebaceous filaments, others decidedly disgusted by the sight.

Having generated 7.6 million Youtube subscribers, Dr. Pimple Popper is one of many content creators who the public have embraced for her practice studying and clearing the skin. Squeezing zits, removing pore strips, and poking and prodding at blackheads continue to entertain, and have since played a major role in the popularity of extraction-based devices in the professional skincare industry.

What hasn’t changed though is the consumer’s hope for a quick, tactile fix. We know over-exfoliating can lead to a damaged barrier and disrupt the pH in the skin. But in meeting the expectations of clients after a rigorous cleanse, it’s useful to consider means through which to mimic the physical extraction process, minus the pinch or downtime. It was with this objective, I elected to give HydraFacial a go.

The concept behind the lauded treatment system is to enrich clients with healthy, glowy skin instantaneously. Within a 30-minute window, skin is cleansed, pores extracted, skin resurfaced and hydration infused. The treatment looks like this: using a patented vortex technology, the handheld tool gently yet effectively cleans the skin (a welcome relief for therapists after a day of hands-on facials). A vacuum suction is used to rid pores of gunk and junk, before layering the skin with a peel. The final step involves the application of a booster – a customisable solution elected based on the individuals’ skin needs.

HydraFacial device

For Matt Moncrieff, HydraFacial ANZ’s Managing Director, active solutions pave the way for the infusion of antioxidants, “putting all the goodness into the skin… to make a genuine change to the health of the skin.” Murad is one such cosmeceutical brand that produces Hydrafacial boosters, providing clients a gateway into the business’ high-grade formulations. Clients can also upgrade their treatment with a hydrating eye or nourishing lip ‘perk’.

For me, one of the fastest facials of my life turned out to be one of the most impactful. While the use of a tool is less romantic than the soothing hands of a therapist, it was hard to deny the way my skin was seemingly brought to life post-treatment, made plump, even and luminous. Several days on, and my skin is still thanking me – so much so, I’ve temporarily shelved my hyaluronic acid; my skin simply doesn’t appear to need it.

Matt tells me that Hydrafacial is an ideal add-on; that when combined with other treatments like laser, can be offered as a means through which to bring the skin back to an optimised condition. “Clinics are making a success of [Hydrafacial] becoming the foundation treatment for everything else they offer,” Matt says. The system can also be completely personalised depending on the result a client may be after on one day versus the next; even the degree of suction power can be modified.

The HydaFacial ‘gunky jar’

And if the treatment itself doesn’t persuade, the remnants of dirt, sebum and oils found in the ‘gunky jar’ will. Now, that’s one made for Youtube.

Where to experience a HydraFacial treatment in Australia

One of the most reputable places to book in for a course of HydraFacial treatments from anywhere in Australia is Clear Skincare Clinics. To learn more on Clean Skincare Clinics’ locations, rates and availabilities, visit their website now.

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