Devices: Advanced Cosmeceuticals Debuts Jovena

Skincare devices and skin formulations are constantly evolving in the market. Anita Quade chats to Catherine Biedermann, the Managing Director of Advanced Cosmeceuticals about their latest offerings and what we can expect in the year ahead.

Tell us about your latest technology advancement on the market?

“Jovena offers a standalone expandable platform, that offers greater return on investment for partner salons. The beauty about Jovena is that is offers an overall approach to skin regeneration by combining two patented modalities in a single device.

Jovena offers a breakthrough in multilayer treatment options for full skin regeneration, including epidermal resurfacing, deep dermal remodelling, and muscle toning.

Manufactured and made in Italy by Brera Medical Technologies, it is based on two new patented technologies: Fractional Plasma for minimally invasive microsurgery; and RF Diathermocontraction to reach deeper dermal layers and muscles.

Jovena’s combination of technologies is unique in the industry and revolutionises how ageing skin can be treated. It enables unmatched protocols for skin resurfacing, décolletage revitalisation, muscle toning, soft tissue coagulation and minimally invasive microsurgery. The all-in-one device allows you to provide superior results for patients in less time, with little to no discomfort and with shorter recovery periods, all year long.”

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Catherine Biedermann Managing Director, Advanced Cosmeceuticals

What do you see as some of the biggest changes in the technology device sector over the past five years? 

“Throughout the past few years, we did see during the COVID pandemic a lot of our salons struggling to keep their business’ doors open and retain staff. During this period, they had to look and find other solutions and/or alternatives to still stay operational.

Salon owners were reluctant to invest in new devices, not knowing what or when this pandemic would end. With businesses back booming to pre-lockdown, we are seeing more innovative devices coming into the market and a trend in leading advancements – with greater R&D.

We believe the biggest change has been the customer experience and the journey they go on to find the right device to complement their salon – there is greater awareness around our customers’ needs and with this came an encouraging burst of skincare within the broader beauty sector. We are seeing more independent players that are entering the beauty device category, but also seeing changes with mergers and acquisitions within this space – creating a large scale of device offerings.

Brera is recognised as a Global leader in medical aesthetics and holds several patents for devices related to the industry, including Plasmage – the first fractional plasma device.”

For salons that invest in your device what education and support are they offered? 

“With all our devices in market at Advanced Cosmeceuticals, we offer in-salon training by our highly knowledgeable clinical trainers. When a device is purchased, our salons are equipped with all marketing assets, including all clinical support – manuals, protocols, equipment information and training modules prior to being trained on the device. Our highly trained engineers install and test these devices prior to training, so there is peace of mind. If salons are needing a refresh in any training modules or have onboarded new staff members, we have our highly educated business development managers on field to assist and our equipment team at Head Office. Advanced Cosmeceuticals offers ongoing support and training when and if needed by our salon owners.”

How can salons ensure that they get a great return on investment? 

“The advantage of Fractional Plasma is that it is the newest innovation in skin resurfacing treatments, a method that uses excited gas to create plasma energy. With Jovena, Fractional Plasma targets the superficial layers of the skin and promotes micro-retraction. This new, patented technology means more comfortable treatments, faster treatment times, less downtime, and the ability to be used anywhere on the body.

CEO of Brera Medical Technologies Attilio Grattacaso says, ‘We asked ourselves this question: what do anti-ageing professionals expect from a device? The answer is an all-in-one solution: safe, non-invasive, and easy to use.’ ‘With the same device, you can create protocols from 15 to 90 minutes for both the face and the body, and you have visible results from the very first session. The applications are numerous: facial rejuvenation and lifting, skin laxity, cellulite, muscle toning and lymphatic drainage.’

Jovena offers four highly innovative modalities for amazing effects – it is a device that is easily delegated to salon practitioners. The advantage is that Jovena is an expandable platform offering various treatment options, therefore offering various streams of revenue.

The Jovena platform offers a sleek, compact in size and a great added treatment option to any salon. Jovena will easily complement other in salon treatments – therefore creating greater return on investment, with lower overheads and consumable costs.”

This is a cut-down version of an article that originally appeared in the September-October 2022 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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