Top 5 Tanning Trends for 2023

Getting a bronzed glow is big business, with new formulas on the market and techniques constantly evolving. Tan Temple manager Esther Wright chats to Anita Quade about the tanning trends for 2023.

Esther knows tanning – managing one of the most popular award-winning salons in Bondi. She says: “Tanning has come a long way since the 2000s. Think of it as a skin treatment, it smooths, blurs and balances texture, tones, hides blemishes, moisturises and firms. It’s also like foundation. When I say that I mean it’s best to match it to your skin – you can flex up or down a couple of shades but it’s best to stay in your range to keep it believable. If you went for a foundation five shades darker or lighter it wouldn’t look right, it’s the same with your spray tan,” Wright says.

“Tans these days are amazing and undetectable they have you looking wonderful. Not like the early 000’s where we were super dark and super orange. With one of the biggest holes in the ozone layer over Australia the only way to go is faux.”

Top 5 tan trends forecast

“This season we are busier than ever with the last three years of party postponements there are industry events, awards, gala dinners, charity events, weddings galore, lots of formals and the list goes on, here are the latest trends in technology for Australian tanning,” Wright reveals.


“We design the tan to fit your exact needs, technology has come a long way. We have everything you could imagine. The shortest being a 30 minute rinse off, 1hr, 2-3hr or clients can leave it on as long as they want. Tans can be made super dark and thick to be rinsed off as you as you walk in your door, or if clients are going back to work or the hairdresser and don’t want anyone to know they have a tan on we have a clear solution that is so lightweight you can’t even tell you’re wearing it, I do this option regularly whilst I’m working.”

Tans you that you don’t notice as faux

“A good spray tan is the one you don’t notice, be yourself but amplified. You want people to think ‘wow! you look great’ but can’t quite figure out why – it’s all about looking healthy and refreshed. It’s also about using the right colour and shade for your clients skin, using a proper airbrush gun and all the add ons to buff and brush tricky areas, as well as a setting powder allowing your client to feel comfortable.”

Tan Temple’s Esther Wright

Customisable blends and good client consultation are key

“I’ve just been overseas doing a lot of market research in my quest for the latest technology seeing what is out there and my goodness I’ve had some blunders. Make sure you do a proper consultation with your client, check you are both on the same page in regards to depth of colour and educate them on the process, it’s our job to share knowledge and get our clients the right colour. We mix and blend many
brands and types of tans to achieve perfect results, we write colour profiles just as much as you would for hair colour. There is no such thing as one brand, one type light/ med/dark for all people. If you’re going to do something do it well, be the best – over the last 13 years we have definitely perfected our craft.”


“Layering a tint or body shimmer on top of a tan as a body blur or extra gloss gives depth to your colour and more definition. Using a tint or highlighter on your client’s body to emphasise the collar bone and shoulders gives the appearance of being more angular. A great trick is also to use it on the legs to appear more defined so it deepens the colour.”

Using professional tools

“Whether clients are at home or in the salon there are so many great tools on the market. Using the right airbrush gun, buffers, blenders, setting powder and professional aftercare as well as the proper preparation is a must if you’re after flawless glow. By now we all know you need to prep properly this means exfoliating with a Turkish mitt to slough off the dead skin cells and allowing enough time for your
skins PH levels to balance out (wait at least 1hr after your shower to tan). If you’re tanning at home use disposable gloves inside your velveteen tan mitt. Use buffers and blenders on areas like neck, feet and hands. Use a setting powder with a body brush all over after your tan so you feel comfortable and dry whilst you pre shower. As always look after your professional glow with professional good quality products that hydrate and do not strip tan. Use a nourishing body butter with a good content of shea butter and use a tan extender to get the best out of the life of the tan.”

This article first appeared in the November-December 2022 print edition of Professional Beauty.

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