St. Tropez launches new packaging and products

Self-tanning brand, St. Tropez, launched its new-look packaging and some new products at a media event at Ivy in Sydney on Tuesday, July 28.

The brand, distributed in Australia by International Beauty Supplies, unveiled its minimalist black and white packaging with updated logo and imagery, a new ingredient which reduces the “fake tan smell”, and plans to launch new products later this year.

Managing Director of International Beauty Supplies, Bill McKendrick, spoke about the brand’s global vision.
“St. Tropez has grown – from only being available in California [launching in 1987], to now being based near London, in Nottingham,” he said.

McKendrick added that the brand now has a strong presence across Europe and the USA, a growing presence in Asia and that the brand has evolved, “from being a professional-only brand to a consumer and fashion product.”

International Beauty Supplies St. Tropez tanning specialist and trainer, Mel Sdao, spoke about how St. Tropez is popular with celebrities and fashion events both here and overseas. In fact, the company said that St. Tropez is the number one brand used at international fashion weeks.

According to McKendrick, St. Tropez uses the highest level of DHA, plus a ‘greening agent’ to neutralise orange tones. He said the product offers a “no-tan tan. Skin is not brown, but has a glow, a shimmer”.

He emphasised that St. Tropez is a skincare product which also offers colour.

St.Tropez has developed a new ingredient, Aromaguard, which reduces by 70 percent the “fake tan smell” caused when DHA reacts with the skin’s amino acids. Aromaguard took four years to develop, in collaboration with a French research company. Aromaguard is currently only in the retail product range but is expected to be added to the professional range eventually.

New products launched at the event include a Bronzing Mousse and an everyday gradual tan cream. McKendrick also announced that in six to 12 months St. Tropez will launch more new products with new ingredients.

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