The Tanning Trends You Need To Know For 2015

Naked Tan founder, Lea Taylor outlines the hottest tanning trends for 2015.

Professional Beauty guest contributor and Naked Tan founder, Lea Taylor gives us the down low on the tanning trends you need to know about this year…

The desire for a tan has been part of the Australian culture since the 50s.

Australia’s lifestyle and geographical location however, exposes our population to some of the highest levels of UV radiation in the world. In fact, with two in three Australian’s developing some form of skin cancer before they reach age 70*.

In Australia, not only is the concern our harsh environment and high levels of UV radiation, another major concern is the use of solarium beds and the damage these have on individuals using these to acquire a tan.


We have seen in recent years and in 2015 will further see a growth in beauty colleges offering courses and workshops teaching required knowledge and technique to new beauty therapists to become spray-tanning pros.

Beauty schools engage the service and knowledge from leading Australian brands to either host these onsite at the colleges or alternatively provide training and education at the brands training facility, which offers the students an experience directly with the brand.

Over the last decade, spray tanning has become one of Australia’s favourite alternatives to achieving a safe and natural tan.

Previously seen as a simple treatment to add to a beauty salon service panel, spray tanning now requires more technique and familiarities with ingredients, product certifications, client colour consultation, tanning method and at after care range recommendation.

We forsee that in 2015 not only will it be the larger tanning brands of the industry, but more and more tanning brands will be required to structure to accommodate the training needs of their salons stocking their products and services to ensure that their salon stockists are equipped and knowledgeable.

A New Certified Organic way of tanning

The tanning industry has profoundly changed over the past few years, mostly led by consumer changing needs and requirements.

Like every other industry, the tanning industry is now moving towards an organic market. Customers, salons and brands become increasingly eco-conscious resulting in the development of premium quality and eco-friendly products and packaging.

Understanding the industries changing needs, we developed a Certified Organic tanning solution, Naked Tan, the first in Australia to be certified under COSMOS Standard by ACO, an internationally approved standard for organic cosmetics.

It is expected that 2015-2016 will see other brands develop and research their technologies and formulations to continue this trend here in Australia.

At home products

At home lines have become an integral component in tanning trends with products developed by professional brands offering natural looking, long-lasting tan result at home.

This year, beauty salons are eager to offer more than a spray tan service to their customers, offering a complete experience of prepare, tan and maintain that will incorporate their clients at home regime with their in-salon spray tans.

Salons now incorporate and recommend clients to use before and after care products such as exfoliators, cleansers or tan extender body butter, all essential in providing a natural and flawless tan, and in maintaining its longevity.

Gradual tan creams for example have progressively become part of spray tanning clients daily routine moisturising the skin while imparting a subtle bronzed colour to extend the tan.

Self tan creams and mousse tans are also a great alternative to professional spray tans and regularly used by customers that prefer to tan at home or to top up a salon spray tan to deepen its colour after a few days.


*Cancer Council Australia data

 This is a guest post by Professional Beauty contributor, Lea Taylor. Taylor founded the world’s first two hour wash-and-wear tan in 2007 with the launch of certified organic tanning range, Naked Tan.


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