‘Clean’ Facial Skincare the Preference of the US Female Majority, Recent Survey Indicates

A survey conducted amongst women in the US found that two-thirds of respondents’ facial skincare purchases were ‘all’ or ‘mostly’ identified as ‘clean’.

The survey, which was conducted on 2,982 US females, was released by The Benchmarking Company in December 2022. Findings were displayed as an infographic entitled ‘The Clean Conundrum.’ 

Over half of those surveyed said they purchase ‘clean’ beauty/personal care products.

Over 70 percent of all respondents defined ‘clean’ beauty products as those that state they are a) free of phthalates/parabens, and/or b) free of sulfates, and/or c) free of ingredients proven to be carcinogenic.

The most popular terms consumers said to associate with ‘clean’ are ‘safe’, ‘natural, and ‘non-toxic’.

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82 percent of those who purchase ‘clean’ beauty products admitted to doing so as she understood them to be better for her. Comparing this to 57%, who purchased because they understood ‘clean’ products to be better for the environment.

It was also found that a large majority of respondents (87 percent) “feel clean beauty products work just as well as traditional beauty/personal care products.” A similar percentage expect the benefits of a ‘clean’ product to be listed on its packaging.

On the question of where ‘clean’ beauty product purchases were made, 83 percent preferred online over in-store (66 percent).

43 percent also said that most of the time or always they would “research the retailer’s standards or definition of clean.”

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