THE SKILLS becomes the first cosmeceutical skincare brand for men on Adore Beauty

Australia’s biggest beauty pure play e-tailer has taken on its first cosmeceutical skincare brand created specifically for men. THE SKILLS was born out of frustration at the lack of cosmeceutical skincare for men. The brand founders say they saw a gap in the market when they realised that if men wanted results drive skincare, they would likely need to purchase a female, professional/ B2B brand and were completely lost in that connection. And even if they bought that skincare, it would never get pride of place on his shelf. In fact, if anything, it would remain one of his best kept grooming secrets. 

With their team of cosmetic chemists, they were able to utilize the best in cosmeceutical ingredients to produce a streamlined range of 3 products that are both easily incorporated into an existing routine or work as a standalone system. THE SKILLS Foaming Face Wash, Hyaluronic Serum and Clay Mask are all results-driven products with an aim to treat skin that sweats. 

With a desire to differentiate themselves from the few other men’s skincare brands on the market, THE SKILLS has created a completely vibrant, active aesthetic and story, from its actual products to its hero blue court, naming conventions to brand copy. Packaging is top shelf and there’s a deep attention to detail. For example the entire SKILLSET box is designed to be kept.

The brand launched mid-pandemic, just seven months ago and have managed to sign with an impressive number of retailers since, including The Iconic, The Mistr, Above The Collar, Oz Hair and Beauty,  and most recently beauty giant Adore Beauty, which has nearly a million active customers.  

The brand is also forming relationships with professional skin clinics around the country. The brand says “This has given us great street cred as we have some great industry skin professionals stocking our range for retail and in treatment purposes. This angle played a major role in Adore Beauty choosing us as their first men’s cosmeceutical range to hit their platform.” 

“Our continuous aim is to always bring quality active ingredients to the mens grooming market through high proofing consumer channels but be backed be backed by skin clinics. We educate through our own channels and our partners channels offering men commentary thats not complicated but easily absorbed through brand resonation.”

The brand is also riding the wave of demand for local products, being Australian made, Australian owned, formulated in Australia and is both vegan and cruelty free. 

On their plans for the future, the brand says “We have plans for major international expansion into luxury retailers, new product development and equipment and accessories to match. With a plan for a massive online and bricks and mortar presence locally and abroad.” 

One of the most promising things they’ve noticed is the volume of repeat purchases, particularly gifting (like for Father’s Day this Sunday) and women buying for the men in their lives. “Our average order value on our own site is $160 which is generally The SKILLSET added to cart. Particular increases on holidays but as a rule our repeat purchases tend to stay loyal all year round with the added bonus of gifting.” 

Find THE SKILLS on Instagram at theskillsforhim and you can contact the brand about becoming a stockist at

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