Thalgo debuts new organic range at Sydney beauty expo

Thalgo will be featuring its new Terre & Mer organic range at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo.

The range includes organic beauty steps incorporating naturalness, authenticity and efficacy which work together to deliver a precise solution to all skin types. The range can be used at home or in salon and allows you to create your own beauty recipes by boosting creams with an addition of a concentrate of essential oils.

“Thalgo is very excited to announce the launch of its new Terre & Mer organic range. The products are 99 per cent natural and are [housed in] recyclable plastic and glass. The boxes are made of cardboard from sustainably managed forests and are printed with plant-based inks,” said Gavin Caganoff, Thalgo Marketing Director.

“All of the formulas in the range are made of surface active agents and gentle emulsifiers that are authourised by Ecocert and are without added synthetic fragrance and colouring and contain organic vegetable and essential oils, floral water and olive leaf extract.

“More so now than ever before, consumers are demanding skincare products that are not only environmentally friendly but healthier for their skin and so free from ingredients such as parabens, mineral oil and propylene glycol which can cause irritation. We believe the Thalgo consumer will respond really well to the introduction of this range at the expo and feel that when they use and purchase the range, they are contributing to the good of the planet,” he added.

Visit Stand 1710.

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