Sothys Organics Talks Innovation in Skincare

Skincare devices and skin formulations are constantly evolving in the market. Anita Quade chats to Jeffrey Daley, Australian Agent for Sothys, about their skincare formulations and what we can expect in the year ahead.

Tell us about your formula innovations and your target audience….

“It’s hard to talk about Sothys formula innovations because the whole Sothys Organics range is in continual innovative evolution. From the very beginning, in 1946, the original creator of Sothys was a Bio-Scientist who created many of his own formulations. When the Sothys’ founder retired in 1966, a young philosopher, Bernard Mas (now elevated to the highest order in France’s Legion d’Honneur) who remains as Sothys Chairman, bought Sothys and dedicated the range to be continued as a Science based, philosophically ethical skin care brand. Sothys was created by Professionals for Professionals, from the beginning…. and has never wandered off this dedication.

The next choice (in 1970) for a new generation of research leadership in scientific excellence to join Sothys was a Nuclear Physicist, Dr Claude Richard, who was literally a ‘rocket scientist’ with France’s Arianespace operation.

From that date onwards Sothys Organics methodically created all of its own formulations and manufactured all of it’s own products. In some years, numerically, Sothys creates and releases more new skincare products & treatments than any other skincare company in our market. It has been this phenomenal rate in Research & Development achievement that has kept the Sothys brand innovative and relevant for more than 75 years.

Today, Sothys redefines the concept of cosmeceutical through the potency of its own originality.”

Sothys created its own Organic Beauty Garden tell us about this…

“At the beginning of 21st century, Sothys created this in the pristine high country in central France. This functions both as a botanical research station and a private garden for public visitation to further encourage the understanding of our human relationship with nature and our planet.

The Botanical Research team at Sothys Beauty Garden has a collaboration with the ‘Green Science’ facility at the University of Limoges and works to isolate ‘original molecules’ from plants. The next phase in this research stream is through Sothys’ own ‘Applied’ Scientific Research team (of 28 scientists) who process those molecules into active ingredients for future Sothys product formulas. A uniquely fastidious process for a cosmetic house.”

Tell us about your new Organic skincare for young skin…

“It has active ingredients derived form plants cultivated and studied at the Organic Beauty Garden. Prior to this, Sothys created a range with active ingredients that assists the skin to detoxify and combat residual environmental pollution. Soon to be released will be a new “fourth generation” multilevel hydration range with all the active ingredients derived from Sothys’ Organics Botanical Green Science program.

Truly clever innovations, from a truly clever specialist skincare company, Sothys.”

How do you see the future of skincare in the next five years?

“This will be a ‘natural sciences’ research led future. Less and less artificial chemicals in skincare formulas, gradually replaced by plant based ‘clinical’ actives that are also stabilisers and delivery vehicles (into the skin).” 

This is a cut-down version of an article that originally appeared in the September-October 2022 print issue of Professional Beauty.

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