Qantas First Class continues association with Payot Paris

Clive Smith, Managing Director (Australia) of Payot Paris has announced that Qantas has renewed its supply of Payot products for the First Class Amenities Kits, the on-board First Class bathrooms and its spas in the Sydney and Melbourne International Airport First Class lounges.

“We know that Qantas, in order to maintain its gold standard, continually assesses all suppliers to the company. They conducted an in-house market research survey asking its customers who was their preferred skincare provider. The survey took place in 2009 and we were thrilled when Qantas shared the results with us.” Smith said. “Qantas included 15 prestige brands in its survey and we can proudly report that Payot Paris received 24 per cent of the vote. Our nearest two competitor brands received 15 per cent of the vote, the fourth company received 9 per cent of the vote and the others were all under 5 per cent.

“We are currently working with Qantas on the next generation of Payot products to best suit the Qantas First Class passengers and spa customers,” he added.

According to Smith, in the 2008/2009 financial year, over 10,000 passengers visited the Qantas First Spas. He said that these Qantas guests are exactly the target market for Payot Paris salons and spas. The Qantas Spa treatments are complimentary and give the Payot Therapists the opportunity to recommend a local Payot stockist salon in each guest’s residential area.

The Qantas/Payot association is also introducing more men to skincare, and Smith reports that one of the most popular menu items chosen by men is the Collagen Facial. “This has resulted in a sales growth in our men’s skincare products and treatments within our clients’ salons and spas,” he said.

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