New Look for Alpha H

Australian skincare brand, Alpha H will introduce a fresh new look to its packaging providing a change which will sharpen the brand's image and core values.

Michelle Doherty, director of Alpha-H

Alpha-H is available internationally but is proud to be a small family-owned company based on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The new packaging retains the recognisable ‘black and white’ livery of the old Alpha-H but the new logo takes the form of a symbol created from the letters of the brand name itself. This represents how the active ingredients in each formulation are in perfect balance with each other.

The new look is clean and clinical but is more refined and delicate; indicative of the brand’s identity as a professional treatment range that takes care of all skin types.

“True beauty to me equals feeling peaceful and confident within oneself. I truly believe all women and men deserve to have access to beautiful skin and that belief is what inspired me to become the director of Alpha-H,” Michelle Doherty, director of Alpha-H says.

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