UK pharmacologist and founder of cosmeceuticals skincare brand Medik8 visited Sydney on 27th March 2012 to promote the brand’s latest product Growth Factor Serum.

Elliot Isaacs, founder and medical director of Medik8

Elliot Isaacs is the founder and medical director of Medik8 Skin Research and a graduate of The University of Leeds – Pharmacology and Physiology Department. He has had nearly 10 years experience in cosmeceutical formulation and has recently been honoured with the prestigious Grade A Membership of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists.

He recently visited Australia to promote Medik8’s latest product, Growth Factor Youth Activating Serum with Triple Filtered EGF.

Elliot says, “Medik8 brand has been in Australia for a few years now. I was last here a couple of years ago. The point of difference with Medik8 is the fact that we have very high stability for our active ingredients.”

The newly launched product was sold out in the UK. “Medik8’s Growth Factor is very potent and we spent a very long time to make the product absorb quickly into the skin because it has large molecules. I think EGF is the biggest revolution in skincare for the last 25 years after vitamin C and A,” Elliot says, “EGF is all about luminosity, texture and vibrancy. We’ve spent a long time purifying our EGF and it is triple filtered.”

“The story of Medik8 has been picked up world-wide by newspapers and magazines. Our EGF is bio-engineered and is non-human and non-animal. It is extremely potent and is cost-effective,” Elliot says.

Medik8 is a professional only skin care brand with an extensive range for all skin concerns.

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