La Roche-Posay Welcome Skin Specialist

French dermcosmetics brand, La Roche-Posay (LRP), are delighted to welcome expert skincare specialist Rachel McAdam as their official spokesperson and consultant to the brand.

Utilising her pharmacology background and expertise in dermatology and skincare formulations, Rachel has been appointed to deliver evidence-based information on La Roche-Posay products to healthcare professionals, the public, and the LRP team.

As a practicing pharmacist for nearly a decade and with over five years working in the pharmaceutical industry, Rachel joins La Roche-Posay equipped with invaluable experience in understanding skin concerns and the specific needs for the pharmacy customer.

“The consumer, pharmacist and doctor all have a right to know what is in a product, and why. I am here to provide that insight to allow more informed decisions to be made when it comes to selecting skincare”, says Rachel.“As a pharmacist, I have a particular interest in helping people with skin concerns. I have also worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over five years in areas such as acne, dermatitis and dermo cosmetics. I have a personal interest in achieving beautiful skin!”

In its first year of launching in Australia, LRP has already begun to plant strong roots with dermatologists and pharmacists; and this year plans on continuing to inform on formulations so these professionals can make appropriate recommendations and create lasting impact for sensitive skin sufferers.

“I think sensitive skin is a big concern for women. We know that over 60 per cent of Australian women have sensitive skin. At the same time, I think women want beautiful skin which means they look for skincare that is effective and that delivers the right ingredients. Often women will choose skincare with too many ingredients – even botanicals – which increases the risk of any one of those ingredients causing irritation. It is best to choose skincare with carefully selected and researched ingredients that have low risk of causing irritation”, states Rachel.

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