I Tried… the New Ella Bache Stop the Clock Facial

Professional Beauty’s Online Editor, Hannah Gay and Beauty Editor, Ariana Pezeshki both experienced Ella Bache’s newest facial offering: ‘Stop the Clock’. Here, they agree on the anti-aging treatment’s best part.

Every once in a while, beauty editors are introduced to products that are near good enough to eat. To launch their newest skincare range and facial treatment, the team behind Ella Bache considered this exact desire – that superfoods contained in their Spirulines range were extracted for the tasting.

We popped into Saint Cloche Gallery in Sydney’s East to immerse ourselves in a culinary feast for the tastebuds and skin alike. Ella Bache CEO Pippa Hallas called out the range’s hero ingredients, namely spirulina and maca powder. Editors enjoyed tasty treats incorporating the superfoods as a means through which to best understand their complex nutritional benefits.

[left to right] Hannah Gay, Ella Bache CEO Pippa Hallas, Ariana Pezeshki

Stop the Clock

A facial named ‘Stop the Clock’ was created to accompany the launch of the Spirulines range. The treatment works to capture the unique benefits of spirulina and maca powder used in conjunction with five different weights of hyaluronic acid.

The aim of ‘Stop the Clock’ is to support the complexion by providing super free-radical protection while targeting collagen synthesis. This is achieved in ten steps.

“The Stop The Clock Facial by Ella Baché was a relaxing experience from start to finish,” said Ariana Pezeshki. Following the all-important skin consultation, the Ella Bache beauty therapist provides the client with a specialised welcome massage focusing on the neck and décolletage.

“I was pleasantly surprised the treatment commenced with a relaxing massage,” noted Hannah Gay. “This is usually one of the last steps to occur during a facial, so running this to commence was useful in getting me in the zone.”

Makeup is then removed with a cleanse. Once the skin is bare, a detailed diagnosis of the skin can take place. The beauty therapist recommends key products from the Ella Bache range best suited to the client’s needs.

The skin is then exfoliated to remove the buildup of dead skin cells and to allow better absorption of the active ingredients to follow. The Ella Bache Hyaluronic Treatment Booster is then applied. “Unwinding with a facial massage to calm the circulatory system followed by a hyaluronic treatment booster was heaven for my skin and facial muscles that were stressed throughout the day, particularly my frown lines,” Ariana said.

Products from the Ella Bache Spirulines range

A balm supercharged with maca powder, magnesium, and a blend of vitamins is then massaged into the skin using gua sha stones. “Gentle massage was a feature throughout,” Hannah said. “My face was massaged in large sweeping movements for several minutes to really help penetrate the product.” Ariana added: “all while zen music played – it calmed my senses!”

Stop the Clock’s pièce de résistance for us both was the application of the new Spirulines Lift Professional Cream Mask. This mask combines sesame oil, spirulina, and Sichuan pepper to create a nourishing and firming effect on the skin. A hand and arm massage was administered while the mask set and was removed using a warm hot towel.

“I really enjoyed the new Spirulines Lift Professional Cream Mask followed by a warm hot towel,” Ariana said. “My face felt instantly smoothed, plump, and hydrated as I left. I received compliments throughout the day on just how hydrated and rejuvenated my skin looked.”

For Hannah, discussing the mask’s benefits would be remiss without mention of the scalp massage. “There was nothing more settling than the touching of pressure points along the head,” Hannah said. “It was a step every facialist should integrate into their treatments, IMO!”

To finish, the face is gently spritzed with the brand’s Daily Hydration Mist. New products from the Spirulines range are applied – the Intensive Firming Serum, Lift Firming Eye Cream, and Firming Day Cream. An SPF is also applied.

“It’s a great lunchtime facial for anyone who has an hour to spare and enjoys a moment of respite from their hectic daily lives,” Ariana noted.

Hannah shared her thoughts on the Spirulines range itself: “I found it very easy to incorporate this line into my usual skincare regime. The serum, in particular, was great – it absorbed beautifully and contained an ideal anti-aging formula with its inclusion of bakuchiol. My skin adapted well, and so I suspect this is a range suited to the majority of skincare clients looking to try something new.”

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