Dr Tanya Skincare on Their Plans for Global Expansion

Skincare devices and skin formulations are constantly evolving in the market. Anita Quade chats to Dr Tanya, founder of Dr Tanya Skincare about their latest offerings and what we can expect in the year ahead.

Tell us about your formula innovations and your target audience?

“My skincare line aims at covering all aspects of skincare, incorporating natural skincare and active medical-grade products. I am a big believer in adapting evidence-based medicine with authentic, time-tested ancient recipes. I feel there is no one solution to a problem, and we must adapt and be open about using eastern and western medicine to solve the problems.

Allowing science and nature to work seamlessly together, we have crafted functional formulas that deliver clinical results with minimal effort and downtime. Committed to delivering a solution that is easy, accessible, and designed for everyday use, Dr Tanya Skincare combines the best of both worlds — my culture and modern science — to redefine what it means to truly glow from the inside out.”

How do you see the future of skincare in the next five years?

“With our customers becoming more and more educated about their health since the start of Covid and lockdown, I see a trend as both GP and skin specialists, of consumers looking for a more holistic approach to skin health and overall wellness. We are now understanding that there is no simple solution to solve a problem.”

What is one of the hero ingredients in skincare currently?

“In recent years the skincare industry has been turning to more ‘natural’ and ‘clean’ ingredients but the unfortunate truth is that not all natural products are created equal. Some merely ride on the coat tail of reputable ingredients, while others rely heavily on marketing spiels that oversell and underdeliver. I think the key to good formulations is how a brand combines those hero ingredients. This is why it was so important when creating the Dr Tanya brand, that I was able to hand select two of the world’s most potent and powerful natural ingredients to form the heart and soul of our natural range, Holy Basil & Cacay Oil.”

Tell us your plans for the brand in 2023?

“We are going to be launching internationally by the end of 2023 in India, USA and the UAE. We are also in Research and Product Development based on our client’s skin issues to define solutions. Using my medical background and experience I am passionate about empowering customers to make educated choices regarding their skin health, they’ll see remarkable results. While our skincare range is doctor-derived and formulated with science front of mind, we aim to deliver products and knowledge that are accessible, affordable, and simple to understand.”

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