Dr Naomi Skin Opens Retail Pop-Up in NYC

Australian cosmeceutical brand Dr Naomi Skin has expanded its presence into the US market with the opening of a boutique pop-up shop.

The shopping destination is located at the Showfields Bond Street store in New York City. 

Dr Naomi Skin will occupy the space as a means of providing relief to the business that, since launching just last year, has quickly expanded its cult following into America.

Dr Naomi Skin takes on NYC with pop-up shop

On the expansion, Dr Naomi of Dr Naomi Skin said: “Since our Australian launch 18 months ago we quickly attracted large volumes of orders from the US. We can’t compete with local delivery windows, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction. So from about six months into our local launch we started the process of developing our US website and securing a US-based warehouse to facilitate US orders to the standard they are accustomed to.” 

The brand is also now listed on the Showfields US e-commerce site.

Dr Naomi of Sydney’s The Manse clinic is lauded not only for her work as a cosmetic injector, efficacious skin treatments and now globally successful brand, but also for her humor – sporting industry-relevant memes across her social media channels on a regular basis.

Her line of cosmeceuticals are aptly named – Catfish, Plump Fiction, Apocalips – to reflect her quirky character. Ultimately though, Dr Naomi believes, her brand’s success internationally comes down to Americans’ desire for sophisticated, science-backed skincare.

“We’ve found that the New Yorkers are similar to our Aussie customers and are looking for skin transformation and problem solving for acne, pigment, redness, and they want to age well. [Consumers] know their ingredients and they expect action, and they love nothing more than seeing before-and-afters from other customers.” 

Dr Naomi flags the positive response she’s received across a range of her products, most notably Apocalips which she describes as “unlike other products on the market.” The brand has collaborated with influencers via TikTok to help market Apocalips to consumers. “It’s so conditioning and is perfect on its own or as a base for makeup,” Dr Naomi said. “It seems to be the hot product for the TikTok generation who love a transformation they can share in a cute 15-second video.”

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