Beauty Collective PRO Acquires Italian, Certified Vegan Skincare Brand Natùrys

Distributor of professional beauty brands, Beauty Collective PRO have announced its acquisition of Natùrys.

Natùrys is an Italian-born skincare brand boasting a line of natural and certified vegan products. The complete range of 21 retail and 32 professional backbar products will be made available in Australia, and sit under four distinct ranges – Anti-Aging, Hydrating, Purifying, and Sensitive. Backbar products are designed to target a variety of skin indications, including (but not limited to) acne, dehydration, sensitivity, loss of elasticity, hyperpigmentation, and premature skin aging.

“Natùrys was the perfect fit for us and for our clients,” Rainer Scior, Managing Director at Beauty Collective PRO told Professional Beauty. “Not only is the range certified organic and vegan, it contains evidence-based ingredients that offer amazing results.” 

On the company’s decision to partner with Natùrys, Rainer assured Beauty Collective PRO follows a “strict criteria”, actively seeking products “that encourage skin health and innate self healing” and is “less about temporary quick fixes.” The company only supplies products that are not tested on animals – a value Rainer believes Australians resonate with.

“When Natùrys approached us to carry their brand we did a lot of research into their ethos and practices and were encouraged by their stellar reputation as one of the leading companies developing organic, vegan products with a strong dedication to animal welfare and sustainability,” Rainer added.

“We’ve also been distributing skincare for a very long time and are constantly analysing shifts and trends in the skincare market in Australia.  One of the fastest growing sectors in the last decade has been the organic market, however we’ve noticed in the last five years that younger clients in particular are actively seeking vegan products.”

“We’ve noticed in the last five years that younger clients in particular are actively seeking vegan products.”

Rainer compared Italian skincare to the likes of a Mediterranean diet, rich in “good oils” and “vitamin-rich botanicals”. “Given Italy plays host to such varied, fresh ingredients, the country’s skincare reaps the benefits,” he said.

“Further to this, Bema Cosmetici, the company that developed Natùrys entered the world of cosmetics in 1968 producing natural cosmetics in a period in which synthetic cosmetics was in full expansion. That’s over 55 years of leading expertise. In addition, their laboratory has continued to develop new patents, becoming increasingly rooted in the organic sector.”

Salons looking to onboard the brand will be met with no minimum order amount, given the option to start with a stand-alone treatment if desired. “Natùrys is very competitively priced and provides excellent treatment margins for salons and spas,” Rainer said.

Training materials, including educational videos, manuals, articles, and marketing tools, are available to professionals only via Beauty Collective PRO’s wholesale site to coincide with in-person education seminars.

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