Salon Team of the Year Finalists

Professional Beauty, in conjunction with the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo, is excited to announce the top five finalists and three Judge’s Recognition award winners to the Beauty Gala Salon Team of the Year Awards.

Take a glimpse into their entries below:

Skin Deep Managers

Finalist 1: Skindeep Medi Spa

Team members: Rachael Alford, Laura Butlin, Helen Golisano, Denise Ryan, Stephanie Stack and individual salon teams

Why your team earns the right to be awarded the title

In the last 12 months we have seen a growth of more than 540% profit in salons. This is contributed partly by the implementation of a strategic marketing plan/schedule along with a heavy focus on team building strategies.

What makes your team unique

We have our 10 ‘Rules of the Game’ which we all work by – this gives clarity in helping us to focus on our clients with 110% passion and dedication. We do not shortcut, devalue or bargain our professional services and remain at all times at the edge with technology and ingredients.

Concept or strategy implemented in the last 12 months

Rather than going through the motions of daily work, we have created a number or daily, weekly and monthly meetings so we keep each other on track and focused on our overall vision.


Skin and Beauty Bar

Finalist 2: Skin and Beauty Bar 

Team members: Ashlee Middleton, Candice Kessler , Aurora Packer and Sarah Hayes

Why your team earns the right to be awarded the title

I am the new owner of Skin and Beauty Bar in Waterloo after being a therapist there myself for a couple of years. My team have all been amazing and have really gone above and beyond to help me in my first month as a business owner.

What makes your team unique

We are unique because we completely customise our treatments to our clients’ needs. We offer thorough consultations, face mapping and product recommendation at every single treatment.

Concept or strategy implemented in the last 12 months

Our therapists are very dedicated to education. Candice has recently become a Dermalogica Expert, and we all continue to attend seminars and forums to further our knowledge. We have recently implemented a monthly staff meeting, which is working very well. We also have treatments at other salons/day spas to see how we can improve our business.

Body Freedom

Finalist 3: Body Freedom Urban Spa Retreat

Team members:

Lou Kelly, Chantelle Williams, Lee Grundy, Jaki Edgar, Elise Browning, Alicia Cuddihy, Asha Lee, Mika Kamikubo, Ela Wyatt, Kasia Fabijanska, Claire Mackinnon, Jessica Bayles, Jacqueline Johnston and Sue Homewood

Why your team earns the right to be awarded the title

Our team are an exceptional group of people who are so in love with their chosen industry. They are continually learning and improving themselves for the benefit of the Retreat. We have created an experience that reflects everything people love about Melbourne, and it is proven by the distance our guests travel to see their therapists/friends.

What makes your team unique

Our team brings together therapists from 16 different specialty areas, all carefully chosen to reflect the reputation, history and future of the Retreat. Our remedial and pregnancy massages are client-rated as number one in Melbourne.

Concept or strategy implemented in the last 12 months

To be quintessentially ‘Melbourne’ and to be recognised as specialists in each of our treatment offerings, not just one modality. The training and investment we have dedicated to our Pregnancy offering has proven to be successful in the feedback.

Lady at Bay Belinda Zammit, Pia Agius, Katherine Tan

Finalist 4: The Lady at Bay

Team members: Lesley Morgan-Wesson, Katherine Tan, Pia Agius, Sally Park, Lauren Atchan, Jessica Hawkins and Dr Babak

Why your team earns the right to be awarded the title

For over 11 years, our team has consistently been more like a family group than a business team. Staff remain at Lady At Bay for far longer than industry average and remain loyal friends even after they leave. In fact, clients frequently comment that when they visit Lady At Bay, it’s like walking in to see a group of good friends, which is probably why we have a 95% client return rate.

What makes your team unique

Several staff members have been with Lady at Bay for over 11 years and have helped to establish our reputation for integrity, trustworthiness, longevity and credibility. Our business culture is one of strong leadership, caring and supportive mentorship, and open and collaborative communication.

Concept or strategy implemented in the last 12 months

In November 2013, we implemented a VIP Membership Program, which has been strategically designed to recognise and reward clients, give clients exceptional value, increase client retention, and increase client referrals. This VIP Membership has increased client numbers/referrals by almost 50%.


Finalist 5: Dragonfly Clinic 

Team members: Louise Nelson, Amanda Pritchard, Donna Woolcock, Holly Alifraco, Leanne Barnes, Gemma Tollworthy, Erica Wright and Chelsea Cox.

Why your team earns the right to be awarded the title

Diligence, effort, passion, honesty, integrity, customer service and enthusiasm are just some of the words that come to mind for the team at Dragonfly Clinic. Every customer is treated as a VIP and the girls maintain customer service to a peek of perfection.

What makes your team unique

In 14 years of business operation, I have never come across a team of girls who are so honest and passionate about the beauty field, it’s a breath of fresh air. They are able to give outstanding customer service. For example, they offer freshly baked cupcakes and gourmet coffee/teas to customers daily.

Concept or strategy implemented in the last 12 months

We have implemented customer service to perfection, WE are the point of difference every salon wants to be. I have instilled a passion for beauty in all my staff by having secret shoppers – my team maintain sensational standards for all policies and procedures. When we achieve group targets, we are all rewarded, a new procedure that is working a treat.

Judge’s Recognition awards:

  • H20 Spa: Lauren Scifleet, Mikayla Brewer, Jessica Bartlett and Talia Laizans
  • Roxana Pourali Celebrity Beauty Therapists: Roxana Pourali, Monica Pourali, Alice Mantikas, Moana Ropiha, Kirsty Goodhue and Angela Lucisano
  • Get Threaded: Liz See, Evangelia Kayrouz, Teagan Maddern, Nieves Calvo, Parminder Bhamra, licensed artists and staff from Top Ryde City, Metcentre, Blacktown, Queens Plaza and the upcoming Greenwood Plaza.

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