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2014 is shaping up to be an important year for the Australasian Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Professional Beauty spoke to AAFPS President, Dr George Marcells about rising trends and what can expected at the Masters Symposium 2014.

face the future
Dr George Marcells

What are some rising trends in plastic surgery for 2014?

People want to look their best and for those undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures the demand will continue to be for natural looking results that help to restore youthfulness without any signs of ‘work’ having been done.

The trend in recent years has been towards less invasive procedures, but this has sometimes been at the expense of quality results that last.

As facial plastic surgery continues to evolve, we will see more emphasis on procedures that have a sound structural basis – as well as ongoing refinements in techniques.

How will they be addressed and explored at the Masters Symposium?

The AAFPS Masters Symposium being held in Sydney from 19-20 September, 2014 has a special emphasis on blepharoplasty and upper facial rejuvenation.

World-renowned experts will come together to share insights from their work and discuss innovations and developments in surgical techniques. This opportunity for exchange of information and detailed discussion is vital for the development in the field. At the core of these meetings is the objective to evolve standards for greater patient satisfaction and safety.

What are some challenges in the industry that you hope to address?

Raising awareness about the AAFPS and advances in Facial Plastic Surgery are my key objectives as President. As a group we are committed to education, research and leadership…. all of which is focused purely on the face.

While prospective patients are researching their options online, nothing replaces the value of a face-to-face consultation where any expectations can be assessed, and questions asked and answered. We encourage those considering facial plastic surgery to take their time to be fully informed.

It is a very individualised process.

What will be new this year at the symposium?

The special emphasis on upper facial rejuvenation and eyelid surgery and welcoming keynote speakers including Guy Massry (USA), Mario Pelle Ceravolo (Italy), Julian Pribaz (USA), Brian Leatherbarrow (USA), Robert Goldberg (USA) and Michael Groth (USA)

Any personal highlights that you’re looking forward to?

At the Symposium I will be sharing information about the deep plane facelift and am looking forward to learning from my colleagues from Australia and around the world.

I’m also looking forward to conducting a Rhinoplasty Course at St Vincent’s Hospital in February and have been asked to speak at the Asian Facial Plastic Surgery meeting in Macau in March on browlifts, rhinoplasty and medical photography.

For more information visit www.aafps.com.au

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