Professional Beauty chats to Amy Jean about building her own brow empire and how to succeed in the niche market.

Amy and some members of her team: Kim Evans, Amy Jean and Monique Deveny

Briefly outline your career in the beauty industry.
My first job out of school was with Estée Lauder. I fell in love with the industry and started my own bridal makeup business whilst I was studying commerce at a University. I worked in a few salons only to realise that my passion laid in the “artistic” not “holistic” component of the beauty/spa industry. I did some research and there were no dedicated eyebrow salons in the whole of Queensland, so I packed my bags and left Sydney.

I worked crazy hours 7 days a week and often spent half my week interstate building clientele in different cities. I developed my own dedicated “eyebrow styling” cosmetics line – this took four years to get off the ground but the timing was remarkable as the goods arrived just in time for the launch of my signature salon at the Gold Coasts Palazzo Versace Hotel. To specialise is to pioneer new techniques and refine your craft. Over time, the demand for my services has reached an international scale,  it made me ponder the franchising option. I’m receiving applications almost daily but I intend to keep the brand bespoke and exclusive.

What inspired you to start Amy Jean Eye Couture?
I’m an art lover. I love to create or observe the process of art. I also love challenges, multitasking, brands and marketing. I knew from a very young age I would have my own brand or business. I can’t say anything “inspired” me to start the business…it was purely instinctive. I was just doing what my heart and hands loved.

What is Amy Jean Couture and how can other beauty professionals get involved with your business?
We are artists, not therapists. We’re not trying to dip our fingers in all pies by adding services to our menu that aren’t directly aligned with the eye-styling concept. We concentrate on brow sculpting, lash enhancements and micro-feather touch brow tattoo. If you feel you are a passionate and dedicated brow/lash stylist who is looking for a salon/business then we welcome you to apply for a franchise at

What were some highlights and challenges in starting your own business?
The highlight was the contrast from working as employee to becoming my own boss. The challenge was I didn’t want to leave work or decline clients. I had no clients the day I set up and three weeks later I was booked up. I was addicted to the growth!

5 tips for those who are considering a similar path?
1. Identify your strength, skill or talent.
2. Exhaust all avenues to train, observe, learn and refine your chosen craft.
3. Research your territory. It’s one thing to be offering a new concept where it hasn’t been offered previously, but only if the territory are a receptive demographic.
4. Work hard! If you foster a passionate environment, your staff will follow your lead.
5. Always endeavor to be innovative. As a specialist, its important to offer the best service possible with cutting edge techniques. Train in something new every year!

What inspires you to keep going in tough times?
Grateful clients. There is no greater joy of hearing a client saying a simple “thank you”.

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