Professional Beauty Innovation Forum

Therapists and salon owners gathered to consider the expectations of a beauty market that is rapidly changing.

Guests at the Innovation Forum
Guests at the Innovation Forum

Referring to the notion that we are in an “age of contradiction” the forum’s keynote speaker Kirien Withers discussed the idea that service provision in salons faced an interesting juxtaposition and needed to be both holistic and fully supportive of new technologies. This was one of the key themes at Thursday’s Professional Beauty Innovation Forum held at The Royal Exchange of Sydney.

Key speakers
Key speakers

Sponsored by Skin Coach, Omnilux and Body Sugaring Australia the event showcased a range of exciting product developments, including relevant research and benefits to an audience comprising salon owners, spa professionals, educators and cosmedic practitioners.

The forum considered a number of arguments on the industry future directions including:

  • The rise of ‘flat agers’ with disposable income who show no desire to slow down but rather focus on health and wellbeing.
  • A new level of responsibility which comes with an industry that has products and technologies which really make a difference.
  • The onus to work with suppliers that are known and trusted.
  • The ongoing need to discuss the demands of attracting, recruiting and retaining the right staff.


“The beauty industry is at a crucial turning point at this moment. We have to be acutely aware of the past as we look forward — it’s important to know your foundations,” stressed Kirien Withers.

Ashleigh Sharman, Editor and Managing Online Editor of Professional Beauty discussed the results of a reader survey and noted that the three biggest challenges for salons were: attracting new clients; selling retail staffing issues and online competition; with the biggest areas of growth being: machine-based treatments, traditional skin treatments, waxing and tanning.

Hazel Mer
Hazel Maurer presenting on Skin Coach

Hazel Maurer, founder of Aspire Anti-Ageing, showcased Skin Coach, a non-injectable Hyaluron anti-ageing programme which comprises a cold laser treatment, hyaluron filler gel and specially developed massage technique, along with after-care products. “I discovered this product at Cosmoprof and was delighted with the results I saw on myself – I knew others would appreciate this non-invasive treatment as much as I did,” Hazel said.

Mandy Gray presenting on Omnilux
Mandy Gray presenting on Omnilux

Mandy Gray, founder of True Solutions International, showcased the Omnilux Light Therapy system which offers single platform technology and the versatility of multiple wavelength heads for the treatment of multiple customer needs including: acne, wrinkle reduction and pain management. “I’m passionate about ageing, because I am ageing,” said Mandy, “and trust remains the most valuable thing in this day and age.”

Kathryn Patterson presenting on Body Sugaring

Kathryn Patterson, founder of Aesthetics Research Group, showcased Body Sugaring Australia – a hair removal technique which involves the use of a natural sugar paste being lightly applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and then being removed in the direction of hair growth taking only the hair with it. “Pain is proven to be significantly less than traditional waxing; after their second or third treatment clients having a Brazilian sugar treatment, for example, will literally fall asleep on the table,” Kathryn explained.

Live demonstration by Body Sugaring Australia
Live demonstration by Body Sugaring Australia

From both a product development perspective, and an industry development perspective, the beauty industry continues to be an exciting, changing and innovative environment. It is our objective to ensure the Professional Beauty Innovation Forum continues to drive debate in these areas at such a crucial time.

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