Priori’s Night Out with Vogue

The Priori team treated Vogue readers to Priori CoffeeBerry makeovers at the recent Vogue Fashion’s Night Out on September 5th. 

The Priori girls
The Priori girls

The Priori stand, located at Martin Place, featured all the products from the Priori CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals range. The premise for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out is to remind shoppers of the incomparable experience provided by bricks-and-mortar shops. On the night, countless Vogue readers peeled their eyes from the computer screen and went hunting for goods in ‘real’ shops.

Priori girls with Vogue's Sigourney Cantelo
Priori girls with Vogue’s Sigourney Cantelo

Priori, being a professional skincare brand, benefits from this vision as it reminds customers of the luxury that is offered from professional spas, salons and clinics. Having an expert presence at such public events surges brand-awareness but also prompts women to visit experts when it comes to their skin concerns.

The Priori stand at Martin Place
The Priori stand at Martin Place

The Priori team offered mini-makeovers using the new CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals range – hundreds of shoppers were buffed with the Priori Anti-Ageing Mineral Makeup SPF 15 that offers good coverage and treatment benefits.

The result? A sea of glowing complexions and a chance for the brand to interact with those whose main form of retail therapy happens online.

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