A Plastic Surgeon Answers Your Skincare Questions

Plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes answers the skincare queries every beauty therapist wants to know.

He’s just been listed by Insignia magazine as one of the world’s top ten plastic surgeons, and now regular Professional Beauty expert contributor and Environ founder, Dr Des Fernandes, shares his expertise on your most common client skincare concerns.

Dr. Des
Dr. Des

1. What’s the number one skin issue therapists should rectify with clients before plastic surgery?

“Being a plastic surgeon certainly made me aware of the need to treat photo damage.  If one does a facelift on a severely photo-damaged face the results can be very unimpressive, whereas if you treat the photoageing and do a facelift then you can get impressive results.”

2. What skincare products should beauty therapists recommend to clients prior to sugery?

“Preparing skin with vitamin A prior to surgery you can get a better scar.”

3. How should therapists advise clientele considering plastic surgery?

“I think salon professionals should advise their clients to find out from their doctor where the scars are going to be and then they should make sure they are using their vitamin A product, especially on those areas.  The healthier the skin looks the better the result will be.”

4. What about treating skincare clients post plastic surgery?

“Immediately after surgery, you can put your cosmetic creams with vitamin A directly onto a scar. I’ve also found applying a weak trichloracetic acid cream directly onto suture lines straight after surgery helps the scar become less obvious. I repeat this every two or three days. I also always protect the scars with Micropore and recommend patients apply their vitamin A products onto the surface of the Micropore.”


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