Oops, There Goes Your Tampon!

Tampon strings slipping out mid-bikini wax, cold sore galore and super sweaty skin are just some of the less-than-comfortable situations you’re likely to experience as a beauty professional, writes Nadia Stennett. Here’s how to handle them…

“I was in the middle of giving a client a bikini wax when her tampon string popped out unannounced and got stuck in the wax. Let’s just say things went flying and it was very embarrassing for everyone involved!” says beauty therapist, Kart Smith.

If there were ever a better time for the hashtag #awkwardmuch, this would be it. And unfortunately, for many salon staff, conjuring up this uncomfortable picture doesn’t take a great deal of imagination. Most beauty professionals have had their fair share of awkward salon moments, but how you respond to your client when it occurs has the ability to make or break your professional relationship. Here’s the expert advice on dealing with the most common delicate situations:

Your client’s come in for a facial, with a mouthful of cold sores

“Cold sores are highly contagious when the blister is present on the skin. Clients with cold sores should be advised the treatment could worsen the cold sores and must be rescheduled for the health and wellbeing of the client,” says Skinstitut business development manager and technical advisor, Natasha Nizko.

So how should you break the news to your eager client? “I’d advise saying something like, “As you have a cold sore, this is a contradiction for any treatment as the cold sore might spread to another area on the face. A cold sore indicates your immunity is low and it may not be the best time to perform a treatment to get the best possible results”,” suggests Skinstitut corporate trainer, Meagan Wheeler.

Uh-oh. A tampon string just popped out in the middle of a bikini wax

“Waxing while a client is menstruating is not a problem as long as you’re aware,” says Leah’s Waxworks founder and director, Leah Ingram.

“I advise providing the client with a disposable g-string so you’re able to relocate it as required. It’s always advisable to offer clients one, so in case you do notice a string, there’s no awkwardness and you’re able to continue the wax. You must be extra vigilant to ensure the string is safely secured within the g-string throughout the treatment to avoid any embarrassing slippages,” emphasises Ingram.

Your client’s come in for a service, and they’re sweating buckets

“Waxing is not a problem in this case,” says Ingram.

“If a client comes for a full leg, bikini and under arm and is perspiring under the arm, it’s advised to attack that area first. Apply pre wax spray to the area and wipe it down with a tissue, then apply powder to the area making sure it is dry and then proceed to wax. It might be necessary to repeat the process if the client has excessive perspiration.”

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