No Plain Jayne gives the personal touch

No Plain Jayne boutique salon owner, Jayne Marie, tells Professional Beauty how her personal approach to beauty therapy has won her a loyal following.

Jayne Marie gives each of her clients all the time they need to get back the "self love".
Jayne Marie creates a “home away from home” for her clients.


Salon owner Jayne Marie has quietly been winning a loyal following of clients since she opened her urban beauty retreat, No Plain Jayne, a year ago. And no wonder; her facials are something to experience first-hand. We ask her about her beauty philosophy and how she is staying so busy despite Melbourne women trying their best to keep her a secret.

What made you decide to start your own salon?

Beauty is very much an individual thing. The idea of owning my own salon meant that I could create my own environment where the experience for every client is tailored to suit what they need to feel amazing from the inside out; I would have the opportunity to directly impact each individual in an intimate exchange that places that client at the centre each and every time.

What are your beauty roots?

I completed my CIDESCO Diploma at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College whilst receiving hands-on experience at a boutique beauty salon in the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Melbourne. My journey consisted of working in salons throughout Melbourne which also included laser clinics, which focused on paramedical aspects of the industry. I have also worked heavily in the retail side of the industry, focusing on a high-end products. It was through this experience I decided I would be an advocate for cosmeceutical grade products.


Jayne Marie, owner of No Plain Jayne Beauty Retreat.
Jayne Marie, owner of No Plain Jayne Beauty Retreat, takes the “hands on” approach with her clients.


What is unique about No Plain Jayne?

No Plain Jayne is unique for many reasons. As a salon owner I make the choice to directly impact my business by having a hands-on approach and working to treat all my clients. My clients understand that in dealing with me personally, they will experience consistency in every interaction. Each encounter is precious, or as I like to say, a beautiful exchange.

I also feel education is important as I want my clients to feel informed and understand the value in their investment. No Plain Jayne initial consultation can be up to an hour, while ongoing consultations are conducted at each revisit. I make additional time allocations above the standard treatment time so my clients never feels rushed and that time is theirs. It results in happier clients who feel considered and cared for rather than pressured and rushed out the door.


No Plain Jayne is a place for clients to unwind from life's stresses.
No Plain Jayne is a place where Jayne Marie’s clients can unwind from life’s stresses.


What do you offer your clients?

My clients have the option to experience all aspects of treatments in the traditional sense from hair removal through to nail treatments, aromatherapy, and targeted skin therapy – of course, coupled with a highly individualised service experience.

What is your philosophy when it comes to beauty?

Beauty is an extension of good health and self love. Simplicity is key and anything used topically should encourage or support natural functions of the skin and body to enhance the best within you. Beauty should always be treated with a holistic approach that is derived from healthy lifestyle, a great deal of focus on wellbeing, and individual beauty that isn’t shaped on social pressures or perceived expectations.

You integrate equipment into your treatment menu. Is high tech is the way of the future?

I endorse equipment such as Omnilux as it is heavily researched with a great deal of scientific data to support its efficacy along with the fact that its non invasive and so healing to the skin. There are lots of advances being made in technology with various equipment types, however my personal and professional belief is that great results can be achieved through the combination of high quality homecare products [Marie uses Elizabeth Arden PRO] and professional integrations of product application and classic manual therapies.


No Plain Jayne clients are given as much time as they need.
No Plain Jayne clients are given as much one-on-one time as they need.


What are the main skin concerns of women these days?

Ageing, dehydration and hyperpigmentation. I believe the largest cause of this is as a result of poor nutrition, ineffective product treatment plans, and increased stress levels – all of which impact the health of skin cells, leaving them more susceptible to free radical invasion. A key aspect that I focus on is education around broad spectrum. Unfortunately, most people still assume that a sunblock is not needed when the sun is hiding behind the clouds, and many women are still choosing their cosmetic-based SPF instead of applying a broad spectrum SPF 50+ as the final step in their skin care regimen.

You have such a personal approach and enjoy loyal clients. Was this always part of your plan?

My personalised approach was always a fundamental part of my business plan. I pride myself on creating an environment that feels like a home away from home. I want my clients to enjoy a beautiful space without pretention – where they feel comfortable to be themselves and are truly accepted. Relationship is the core of my business. I’m a big believer that you attract what you give out to the universe and my morals are reflected in my work ethic, client interactions and sincerity. I am very fortunate to have been raised by a mother who taught me that when someone is in your space, you share your heart and welcome them with love no matter what; this is my genuine approach with all my clients. I am very focused on my personal energy with every interaction and I’m very sensitive to the fact that with touch comes am exchange of energy and trust is paramount in order for this to take place properly. I have an appreciation for the vulnerability that my clients share with me and it’s always treated with the utmost care.



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