New research: Collagen peptide pills found to turn back time

Popping a peptide pill might be the new way to hold back the clock, says a new study. 


Popping a pill might turn back time, says a scientific study.
Popping a pill might turn back time, says a scientific study.


Scientific research into the anti-ageing benefits of swallowing Peptan collagen peptides has just been released. Oral Peptan is already popular in Asia, but with the growth of the nutricosmetics industry, it’s now becoming a hot topic here and in other markets. This study, performed by leading dermatological institutes Laboratory Cosderma and EC Biolab in France and the Souken Laboratory in Japan, looked at the science behind taking supplemental collagen peptides in a bid to boost skin appearance.

According to the report, which featured in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, there is strong clinical evidence to prove Peptan’s ability to restructure the collagen network in deep skin layers.

Featuring evidence from two double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials on Asian and Caucasian women with different skin types, as well as an ex vivo studies on skin tissue, the data showed that Peptan significantly decreased the fragmentation of collagen in the deep layer of the dermis by 18 per cent after 4 weeks, and as much as 31 per cent after 12 weeks of taking. There was also a significant boost in collagen density (9 per cent) after 4 weeks of intake. A boost in hyaluronic acid meant that skin hydration also increased by a significant 28 per cent.

“At Cosderma we are specialised in the analysis of safety and efficacy of ingredients for the skin,” says Dr Jérôme Asserin of Laboratory Cosderma. “The actual results for women who took the collagen peptide supplement, show a real effect on restructuring the collagen network by decreasing fragmentation.”

This is the first ever publication of data to show the restructuring effects on skin after taking a nutraceutical ingredient. The data shows how collagen peptides help strengthen and rejuvenate the deeper skin layers while maintaining the cohesive and dense collagen network, which is key in preventing wrinkles and sagging. The findings on skin hydration are also something to take note of as hydrated skin is crucial for preventing the formation of micro relief wrinkles.

“The results delivered by Peptan collagen peptides within the skin tissue were real,” says Dr Elian Lati of the BIO-EC Laboratory. “There is a particularly high stimulation of GAGs such as hyaluronic acid.”



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