Napoleon Perdis gives us his top tips

This week is Salon Melbourne (yay!) and Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics will be holding a stand. We pin down Napoleon Perdis in the lead-up to talk about how makeup has the ability to redefine – and what we should have in our kits!


Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics will be at Salon Melbourne with its Brow & Base Bar.
Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics will be at Salon Melbourne with its Brow & Base Bar.


What will Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics be focusing on at this year’s event?

“Our top three most important brand values: Our Customer, Innovation, and Education,” says Perdis. “Napoleon Perdis is about inspiring individuals to “be”. To remain in control and take the time to redefine themselves through translation. Translation is the experience of being able to translate into tranquillity and translate into a time of oasis. A time that is yours and solely yours. Makeup itself holds its own unique force of energy and we strive to share this with our customer.”

What should every professional makeup artist have in her makeup kit?

“My Auto Pilot Priming Collection – ‘Not to Prime is a Crime – STILL!’,” says Perdis. “For a sneak preview of my two newest Corrective Primers, head to our stand – stand number 1928! Also every professional makeup artist should have a wardrobe of brow products for Couture Brow customisation and a Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics Light Switch Luminizer Palette – for the fashion emergency. It’s perfect for strobing and adding on-the-go radiance to your complexion.”


Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics at Salon Melbourne 2016
Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics at Salon Melbourne 2016


Will Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics be holding any demonstrations for makeup artists attending Salon Melbourne?

“Yes, our stand will feature a dedicated Brow & Base Bar where customers can experience my newest products from the range,” says Perdis. “There will also be expert makeup artists delivering customised tips and tricks.”

What are three key techniques that every makeup artist should know?

“Prep Skin thoroughly with a regime of Cleansing, Serum and Primer,” says Perdis. “The first technique is to apply brows and mascara first to frame the features. The next technique is to ‘map’ out your makeup look, and [lastly, undertsnad the technique of] reflective contouring, which is a move away from the heavy ‘chocolate bar’ style of contouring.”


Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics will be at stand 1928 at Salon Melbourne 2016, 5-6 March.


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