The 10-Sec Nail Polish Trick That’ll Blow Your Mind

Prepare for your jaw to drop when you see this ingenious nail art hack.


Ever had a client come in for a mani with little time to spare, expecting to leave with the world? Until now, pulling off anything more than a basic infill in a short appointment was unthinkable. But this downright genius nail art look takes just ten seconds to pull off and is guaranteed to have any client’s jaw drop when they see the results.

Say hello to the rainbow nail polish trick. All you need to do it is a bowl of water, a few bright polishes and some nail polish remover. The results, are simply spectacular.

The rainbow nail art trick

What you need:

1 bowl of water

1 bottle of nail polish remover

Cotton tips

3-4 colourful nail polishes

1. Tip drops of each colour into the bowl of water in increasingly larger amounts to create a swirl effect, ensuring you keep dropping the nail polish on top of the last colour.

2. Quickly plunge a few fingers into the water and then back out again, allowing the floating polish to coat your nails. Allow to set and clean up the excess on your skin with nail polish remover and some cotton tips.

3. Repeat the process on remaining fingers and seal with a clear top coat.

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