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Nail tech expert, Viv Simmonds of  VIVid Nail & Beaute has had a busy few weeks. She was invited onto the Mornings with Kerrie-Anne Show to showcase some nail designs. Her pre-training course at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo to prepare contestants for the expo nail competitions secured those students with 15 trophies in total. Hot on the heels of the expo she jetted to the US to shoot her second cover for leading US nail magazine, Nailpro and compete in the Nailpro Anaheim Nail Competition where she placed 1st in 3D Acrylic Nail Art – Veteran. Here is the winning design which formed part of her ‘transportation’ theme for the competition.

Santa and Sleigh
1. Using a red colored acrylic powder, create the base of the sleigh. Keep the bead drier and ensure to cut in to the edges to avoid bleeding of colour. Create the base on an angle to allow it to fit on a nail.
2. Create the carriage of the sleigh using red acrylic powder.
3. Add red glitter acrylic over the base and the carriage of the sleigh
4. Using a gold acrylic powder, create some decorative swirls between the base of the sleigh and the sleigh’s carriage. Create the bell hanging from the front of the sleigh
5. Create Santa’s body, arms and hands using red acrylic powder.
6. Using black acrylic powder, create a blanket to sit over Santa’s knees and decorate this with silver glitter in a pattern of criss cross.
7. Using white acrylic powder create the cuff’s on Santa’s sleeves. While the product is setting, poke into the white with the tips of a sharp object e.g., toothpick to create a rough finish.
8. Using a flesh colored acrylic powder, create Santa’s face. For his cheeks add a dry bead on each side of his face and stretch it out slightly. For his nose create a round dry bead and place it in between his cheeks. Place two tiny dry beads of black acrylic powder above his cheeks for his eyes. Using a pale pink acrylic powder highlight Santa’s cheeks and nose to give a blush effect.
9. Highlight Santa’s cheeks and nose with a tiny amount of pale pink acrylic powder.
10. Create Santa’s beard using white acrylic and groove in the texture using a sharp object e.g. a toothpick.
11. Add in a tiny bead of pale pink acrylic powder under Santa’s moustache for his mouth.
12. Create Santa’s hat using red acrylic powder and go back and add in the white for the brim and pom pom again using a tool to create a textured finish.
13. Add in presents, a tree, etc to fill Santa’s sleigh.

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