NSI launches acrylic nail brush

NSI Australia has launched a new acrylic nail brush; the Royal Precision Brush #8.

According to the company, the brush will return to a perfect point with firm resistance. It allows for precise product control and placement and is ideal for smile lines. The vented cap offers protection during travel and storage.

The NSI brand has had a resurgence in the Australian marketplace, with an increase in marketing and product placement.

To further promote the NSI group, the President of NSI, Rick Slack, and the International Director, Sales and Educator, Rise` Carter will visit Australia for the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo in September and will be speaking with local technicians about the opportunities NSI provides to professionals.

To coincide with their visit, NSI will host a number of educational and seminar sessions nationally.

The Royal Precision brush is launched with a free NSI Attraction Liquid (30ml) and three 14gm Speed Powders. Visit National Salon Supplies.

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