Male models wear Minx for Phillip Lim show in Paris

Phillip Lim’s spring/summer 2012 collection for men was introduced on June 25, 2011 and featured a collection inspired by street cred and skateboard style. Located in a garage in Paris, the models not only displayed Lim’s cool yet luxurious styles, but did so while sporting Minx nails on their fingertips.

Minx co-founders Dawn Lynch-Goodwin and Janice Jordan were delighted with the designer’s decision to use Minx on all 29 of the male models for his show.

“Since the launch of Minx, we’ve seen so many men go from not caring about their hands to becoming Minx devotees,” says Lynch-Goodwin.

She further explained, “But this is the first time that Minx has been incorporated in a menswear collection and we couldn’t be more pleased.”

The lead nail stylist for the show, Brenda Abrial, was contacted by Phillip Lim’s agent who told her that the designer would be doing a menswear presentation using silver nails.

“I narrowed down the options to silver nail polish, dark blue polish, and silver Minx,” said Brenda, “and I did a test on Mr. Lim himself after he saw the my own scraped polish and liked the look. In the end, nothing compared with the chrome look of Minx and it was the hands-down choice.”

Brenda then contacted Philippe Ardouin, the local Minx representative whom she had met a couple of years prior during fashion week, and the two quickly pulled together a team of nail stylists for the show.

To create a rugged street look, Brenda’s team applied MinxLusion on the models, scrubbing and roughening the edges to look as if they had been skateboarding down the street with fingertips scraping over the pavement.

“I noticed Philip had kept his Minx on for the show, and at the end of the presentation, almost all the male models wanted to keep their Minx, too,” said Brenda. “That is fabulous news in the male market!”

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