Half Moon Nails Trending This Season, According to Pinterest

Nail art as we know it is shifting into a new gear, with the start of the season serving as a springboard for new inspiration.

According to a study commissioned by WeThrift, in collaboration with Pinterest, searches for Half Moon Nails had increased recently by a whopping 334.78%.

Half Moon Nails are one of the biggest trends for the industry this season. [Credit: @jazzynailsx]

WeThrift Trend Expert Nick Drewe described the trend as a “go-to design”. “The best thing about the nail design is that it can be incorporated into your individual style, you can go for a bold and daring colour or opt for a neutral tone. It offers a twist on the classic French manicure nail – it’s simple to do at home, just create a half-moon pattern that meets your nail cuticle,” Nick explained.

Glass Nails came in second on the Top 10 Nail Trends leaderboard with an increase in searches by 170.27%. “Glass nails are back in full force,” Nick said. “The technique created by nail artist Eun Kyung is going to be a huge hit this autumn. The nail art involves applying shardes of cellophane to the nails, which gives the illusion of shattered glass. You can customise the trend to make it unique to you – for example, try adding some chunky glitter for a fun festival vibe, apply a matt topcoat for a sophisticated look, or play around with different colours to create a rainbow effect.”

Cow Print, a close third, increased in searches by 133.33%. “​​People are putting a spin on the classic leopard print nail, opting for a cow or zebra print and creating a printed french. For maximalists, we’re stepping away from the traditional cow and zebra print colours and going for a more daring colour palette, of pinks, blues, purples and oranges,” Nick added.

Also attaining a spot on the leaderboard were Pearl Nails (up 112.90%), Navy Blue (up 108.33%), Taupe (up 93.10%), Smiley Nails (up 81.82%), Peach Nails (up 75.44%), Marble Nails (up 58.73%), and Zebra Print (up 55.74%).

Check out these inspiring pictures of some of the Top 10 Nail Trends this season:

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