Eva Longoria Wears Minx

Actress Eva Longoria visited New Zealand to launch The Shopping Channel and her new perfume, Eva, wearing luxurious Minx nails on 3rd October 2012.

Desperate Housewives actress, Eva Longoria wears Minx fashion nails on her visit to New Zealand (photo courtesy of Norrie Montgomery)

Celebrity Leah Light applied Minx to Eva, who requested Leah immediately upon arrival in New Zealand.

“I applied the Matte Silver and Silver Hourglass Minx on Eva’s fingers, and then she requested I come back the next day for a Minx pedicure,” Leah says.

Celebrity nail stylist, Leah Light (left) with Eva Longoria (right) (photo courtesy of Norrie Montgomery)

“I used Chrome Silver and Gold Swirls Minx on her toes and she said she loved them!”

Leah also revealed the actress was not allowed to indulge in nail fashion while filming Desperate Housewives, so Eva was thrilled to be able to wear the metallic Minx designs during her visit.

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