Bio Sculpture introduces Snakeskin nails

Shoes, bags, belts, and even clothing items have been made using the skin of snakes. But who would have thought we’d ever be wearing it on our nails? Not for the faint-hearted, Bio Sculpture are set to offer Snakeskin Nail manicures and pedicures in salons from August.

As demonstrated by Bio Sculpture USA on The Today Show, Snakeskin nails are fast becoming the rage in New York where people are paying up to $300 for a set of real snake skin nails.

It’s important to note that Bio Sculpture source already-shed snake skin. Snake skin naturally sheds regularly and it’s from this shed skin that this nail art is created.

The versatility of Bio Sculpture Gel allows the nail artists to embed the snake skin into the gel and protect it by sealing it with a flexible finishing layer of Bio Sculpture Gel.

Bio Sculpture’s original non-chip formula of gel lacquer is applied directly on to the natural nail, without the need or use of primers or bonders that can leave nails damaged, dehydrated and unhealthy.

Bio Sculpture’s non-chip formula dries instantly and lasts up to eight weeks on toes and three weeks on fingers. It's also avaialble in over 36 countries and prides itself on its refreshing health and safety profile.

Bio Sculpture Snakeskin manicures and pedicures will be available in Australia from August 2011 at selected salons nationwide.

Contact: Bio Sculpture 1300 BIO GEL.

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