Ingredient buzz: coconut water tanning!

Coconut water is a buzz ingredient right now – and first to market in the tanning category is MineTan, with its new Coconut range. We talk to Marque of Brands General Manager, Cameron Campbell, who developed the new product, about why coconut water is the new must-have ingredient.


MineTan, developed by Marque of Brands in Melbourne, is the first tanning range with coconut water to market.
MineTan, developed by Marque of Brands in Melbourne, is the first tanning range to market with coconut water. (Professionals and consumers alike are sending in their feedback.)

How did you come up with the idea of coconut water in a tanning range?

“Our team works daily with tanning salons and clients alike, and during our interactions with these people, we began to realise that there was a need for a truly moisturising tan,” says Cameron Campbell. “We know that all-natural ingredients and skin health is of the utmost importance, and that is how the idea for utilising the hydrating and healing effects of coconut water was born. What we ended up creating is more of a hydrating skin treatment, rather than just simply a tan, and our clients have responded more positively to this than we could have hoped for.”

How long were you in production with the range?

“The development of our coconut water tan lasted two years,” says Campbell. “It was important to ensure the formula was perfectly balanced to include the hydrating benefits of coconut water, while still delivering the highest quality tan.”

Coconut water is hydrating for the body. What does it do for the skin?

“Coconut water is an amazing natural product, packed with benefits,” says Campbell. “It is able to smooth uneven skin tone, fade stretch marks, combat acne, and even fight signs of ageing. In short, coconut water is one of the best things you can be using for your skin.”


MineTan coconut range comes in professional and consumer formulations.
MineTan coconut range comes in professional and consumer formulations.

Coconuts and tanning seem to go hand in hand, why hasn’t anyone done this before?!

“Coconuts and tanning definitely go hand in hand, but being able to get the formula just right is a tricky and lengthy experience,” says Campbell. “At Marque of Brands and MineTan we have always prided ourselves on our ability to put the time and effort into developing cutting edge products.”

Do you think we are about to see coconut water on more ingredient lists?

“Absolutely! People are experiencing the benefits that come with mixing coconut water and tan, and they can’t get enough of it,” says Campbell.

Are your stockists liking the concept? What has been the feedback?

“We personally pre sold out our entire first production run, and have sold out twice unexpectedly since,” says Campbell. “Salons and tanning enthusiasts just can’t get enough of this hydrating product, we have been overwhelmed with how positive the feedback has been.”



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