MBFWA: CND for Jayson Brunsdon

CND created glamorous Brazilian goddesses for the Jayson Brunsdon runway.


Jayson Brunsdon’s 2014 collection titled ‘Rio’ was inspired by the vibrant and colourful city Rio de Janeiro. Surged with sexual energy and youthful vitality, the collection was filled with  juicy colours, bronzed skin, turquoise tones and modern structures.

The CND team, led by education ambassador Cherie Pollard, created a custom blend of colours for the show. As an extension of the eyes, the nails and toes were painted in a unique shade of warm brown.

“The Jayson Brunsdon girl is a rich vibrant clash of colour, so we have custom-blended and custom-layered a special colour to build up to that trashy Brazilian glamour,” said Cherie.

Brunsdon 5 Brunsdon 2

“We’ve used CND Vinylux and started with Bicycle Yellow and mixed in some Burnt Romance, some Faux Fur, also some Dessert Poppy and a dash of Sugared Spice to get that nice sheen we’re after. We’ve layered to colours to add intensity to the finished effect.”

“The reference in length is also to that trashy Brazilian glamour. It’s shaped to be sleek, natural and round.”

To imitate this look, apply CND Vinylux Fax Fur and Sugared Spice in layers.


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For more information visit http://www.pacificnail.com.au/

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