Smokey Eyes: Nvey Eco

With 2013 fast approaching, prepare to smokeif-eye yourself into every inch of the sultry siren you know you can be this New Year's Eve!

Nvey Eco's head makeup artist, Holly Browne gives you the insider 411 on how to transform yourself into a mid-summer's maven with a gorgeously glam smokey eye in four simple steps using Nvey Eco's 100 per cent certified organic and Aussie made products.

What will you need:
Nvey Eco Eye Shadow
RRP $29.95
In Rose Gold, Shroom, Jasper and Brown Sugar

Nvey Eco Volumising Mascara
RRP $29.95
In Black

Nvey Eco Eyeshadow Brush
RRP $29.85

1. Cover your entire lid in Rose Gold. Using a light, shimmer colour opens up the entire eye area to create the illusuoin of bigger eyes. Slightly dampen your brush to create a matte effect with the shadow and apply to your tear duct and brow bone for an extra dose of bright eyed beauty.

2. Sweep Shroom from your mid lash line towards the outer corner of your lid leaving about half a centimetre of space from your brow bone.

3. Next, working inwards use Jasper from your outer corner to the middle of your lid, travelling across your crease. This creates depth to the eye allowing your eye colour to really pop! Next take your eyeliner brush, still using Jasper line your lower lashes. This is a softer, natural looking take on using regular eyeliner!

4. Lastly smoke up your outer corner with Brown Sugar! Start by dabbing the shadow on the extreme outer of your lash line, then work inward from the corner of your eye, using less shadow with each stroke towards your inner corner. Create a subtle sultry blend! Lastly finish with a flick of mascara and you are ready to rock the night away!


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