Rae Morris Talks Cool Weather Makeup Trends

World renowned makeup artist Rae Morris reveals the trends straight from the catwalk.

Image credits:
Model: Marli @chic_management
Photographer: @stevenchee
Makeup: @raemorrismakeup / @vivienscreative
Hair: @renyaxydis

Put that full coverage away, the skin is clean, not over shimmery (which highlights scars and lines) just conceal where necessary, gone is the heavy contouring (which was never in, in my book). Using lip gloss and clear glossy balms are now the preferred way to highlight. I love using oil based “Sunscreens” to achieve this, remember when you glow anything from lips to cheeks, you attract the sun, (hence
why I insist on using lip glosses with SPF ONLY).

Image credits:
Model: @clareacrawford
Photographer: @milosmlynarik
Makeup: @raemorrismakeup

Colour and graphic bold liners are everywhere at the moment. Thinner brows are also making a comeback, I’m not for a second saying pull those tweezers out, it’s the opposite, Brushing them tighter, not over filling. And the shades of red-brown – mahogany even deep reds are showing up in brows. They were seen at so many of the recent couture shows in Paris.

Image credits:
Model: Marli @_avril_guerrero
Photographer: @gavinoneillphoto
Stylist: @brendoncannon
Makeup: @raemorrismakeup
Hair: @Elsacanedo

Lips are softer and less lined. Gloss has made a comeback. There is a soft two-toned look appearing E.g. one shade on the top and a similar on the bottom, but all trends are not always easy to wear and are slightly impractial!

Image credits:
Model: @_avril_guerrero
Photographer: @gavinoneillphoto
Stylist: @brendoncannon
Makeup: @raemorrismakeup
Hair: @Elsacanedo

This season it’s about monochromatic velvety eye, subtle clean mascara and less textured, more groomed brows.

World renowned makeup artist Rae Morris reveals her life behind the brush strokes

Your all time favourite go to look?

“I’m obseesed with graphic liners, always have been, always will be. It’s amazing how you can transform the eyes with with liner.”

The one product you can’t live without?

“At the moment its Dr Natasha Cook Spot Destroyer – with all the sunscreen I use, I constantly get little
bumps, and I just have that acne prone skin, This Spot destroyer is a life saver, I’ve seen bumps clear up overnight!”

Favourite beauty treatment/salon?

“I have three: Venustus for massage, it’s actually a spiritual experience, Amirova Cosmetic Clinic in Waterloo, is the best facialist I’ve ever been to, the results are instant, check out her before and after facials, and its that one place where there’s no pain just amazing results, no down time and it is
just heavenly relaxing, what more can you want? Also Nikki at ‘Shape clinic’ in Darlinghurst, they personalise skincare, they have every latest laser and cosmetic procedure known to man, they are
always a step ahead globally and knows what works and what doesn’t. It’s the place I go to for pigment,
scarring, where I know just skincare is not enough.”

If you can take one essential from your kit to a desert island what would that be?

“My Rae Morris travel brush set. The shorter handles are a game changer, they give you more stability when applying so good bye shaky hands, and I’ve designed this set to include every brush I’d ever need to create any look if stuck on a desert island.”

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