Q&A with Suzanne Chayboub

Mother, makeup artist and co-owner of Beauty Luscious & Co, Sophia Wang chats to Suzanne about her brand, career and passion for the industry.

Image: Suzanne and her line of cosmetics

So, Suzanne, what is your story?

I am a 30 year old woman who is a mother to five beautiful children. I have been a makeup artist (MUA) for over seven years, my work ranges from bridal to special occasion, from runway to magazine editorials. I love working on photo shoots or being a creative coordinator on them as it puts all my creative energy and skill to the challenge.

For as long as I can remember, my long term goal has been to have my own cosmetics brand. For over a year I researched and worked very hard, cried, laughed and screamed in frustration to attain the dream. There was always an obstacle or sacrifice but with the support of a loving and encouraging husband it wasn’t impossible. My dream became a reality when my amazing father put all his faith and support in me and backed me 100%. He was my financial backing and became co-owner of Beauty Luscious & Co. I’m the luckiest woman alive to be able to say that my business partner is someone I love and trust – my own father.

Involvement with the beauty industry and qualifications?

I started in the beauty industry over 10 years ago. I’m a beauty therapist by trade; I did my diploma in beauty therapy back in 2000. I loved it so much until I realised I loved makeup even more. The ability to transform a face and see the look of complete wonder when a client looks at herself in the mirror is so rewarding. The ability to make a physically scarred client feel confident and beautiful is a feeling like no other. I completed a certificate 4 in makeup artistry in 2006 and have never looked back.

Image: Suzanne at work

What are you passionate about?

Oh so many things! I am so passionate about family and my kids and creating a better life for them. More than anything in the world I want my children to be proud of me.

I am passionate about NO ANIMAL CRUELTY which is why we are so proud that our cosmetics and skin care line is 100% cruelty free!

I am passionate about charity and helping whenever and wherever I can, I feel blessed with the life God has given me and I want to be able to give even a fraction back at every chance. I am incredibly passionate about inspiring women, especially young mums. I want to show them that we can make something of ourselves. We can make a change even with a family and 1000 other commitments – we too can realise our dreams and be something!

Image: Beauty Luscious & Co campaign

How did Beauty Luscious & Co start?

Beauty Luscious & Co started as beauty luscious in 2001 when I started my own business in beauty therapy. It then became “Beauty Luscious & Co” when dad partnered with me and we developed Luscious Cosmetics and hired hair stylists to join the team.

What is the philosophy behind your brand?

The ‘Luscious woman’ is strong, confident and sophisticated, and we believe every woman is exactly that when wearing our cosmetics. My main priority throughout product development was to create a high end professional line at affordable prices that can be accessed by the professional MUAs and everyday consumer alike.

We are happy to say we definitely have achieved that!

What new and exciting things are you looking forward to in the future?

Our AW13 collection will be released Mother’s Day! So in addition to our colourful array of products we have added an amazing Smudge Budge and Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Pencil in five colours. I’m also currently working on a beautiful five eye shadow colour palette. Seven palette combinations will be released soon! As well as our stunning bold matte lipstick collection and a few other goodies!

We look forward to a major expansion at the end of this year including a boutique shop front salon and taking on more MUAs and hair stylists on the Beauty Luscious & Co pty ltd team.

We are hoping to take on stockists of the brand soon in Sydney and around Australia.

Another exciting thing is that we’re going to have a stand at the Beauty and Spa Expo!

Word of advice for others out there who want to follow in your path?

Research, be committed, dedicated, and prepare yourself for months of sleepless nights, tears of joy and frustration. It is all so worth it when it starts to come together.

Life motto in one sentence.

Nothing is impossible! Be humble, positive and keep a smile on your face. You will go further than you ever thought you could!

Visit www.beautylusciousandco.com.au for more information.

For stockist interest and enquiries call 0414 284 114 or contact via the stockist form on the website.

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