MAC SS13 Trend Report

Beauty media were invited to MAC’s SS13 trend report last Friday, and left feeling inspired by the stunning collections set to hit the shelves over the coming months.

Senior artist Nicole Thompson was joined by New Zealand’s Amber D, who is set to move to Sydney, to run through four key seasonal trends. The demonstrations got underway following a short clip with snippets from the SS13 shows. Nicole and Amber then demonstrated two looks on each model: Sig-nature, Puri-tan, Sci-chedelic and Nu-ance.

Models Sci-chedelic, Nu-ance, Sig-nature and Puri-tan – image courstesy of

Puri-tan is the look that defines SS13’s relationship with the tan. Amber demonstrated a new kind of bronzing. Desert shades and blown out browns, buffed and burnished textures make for an episode in Sepia, reminiscent of Californian beach-bronzed girls. Makeup Artist Diane Kendal describes the look as, “A gorgeous girl who comes out of the water.” While, Gordon Espinit said, “This girl has spent a day in Rio and has gone from the beach to the bar.” Lots of bronze and golds are used for a smouldering take on metallic smokey eyes. Cheeks are kept fresh with a pop of subtle colour.

Puri-tan makeup demo – image courtesy of

Nu-ance saw a return to clean, popping pastels expressing a modern romance with paler shades of turquoise, lilac, lemon, mint, aqua, apple and peach. A fluoro-pastel hybrid also saw flashes of gold and silver create a freshly futuristic feel to the look. Amber went for lilac shades with a shimmer metallic opal highlight across cheekbones and brow bones. “Taken from the Renaissance this girl is wise, sad and beautiful said makeup artist Florrie White. While, Tom Pecheux calls it “Minamalist Purity” and “Valley of the Dolls.”

Nu-ance and Sig-nature looks – image courtesy of

Sig-nature is a look where perfected, luminous skin is its essence. Nicole described this look as “Balmy” where makeup artists are putting moisturiser over foundation to get a beautiful translucency to the skin. “Skin should look hydrated, but not wet,” said Nicole as she added moisturiser to the model’s skin. “It’s a mannequin eggshell finish,” said makeup artist Andrew Gallimore. While, Lucia Pica remarked, “I want super polished skin, really perfected and beautifully rich – it’s highly reflective with a marble-like alabaster quality,” and Terry Barber says, “Almost as if you are seeing makeup through skincare.” Lips are nude and brows are fluffy.

Sci-chedelic makeup demo – image courtesy of

Sci-chedelic is described as the new garde of colour blocking where hyper-bright pigments often combine with luminescence finishes. Makeup artist Stephane Marais describes the look as, “Poetic with a twist of something edgy. So gutsy and punk it’s chic.” And Tom Pecheux calls it, “Minimal, sophisticated, Parisian.” Nicole used a blue tone hot pink lipstick and demonstrated flying saucer eyeliner on her model using and Intense Creamy Eyeliner. Perfect skin and hot lips are key to achieving this look.

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