How-to Create Christmas Teddy Bear Nails

For some feative fun, try nail artist Olga Menshikova's step-by-step cute teddy bear Christmas nails.

1. Paint a background with white (Arctic Circle) gel polish, Cure for 30sec. Mix Caramel colour (#71) with white and create a teddy bear silhouette. Cure for 30 sec.

2. With white colour highlight face area (i have no idea how to call this part of a bear LOL), paws and tummy. Cure for 30 sec.

3. Outline teddy bear with dark brown colour (#59)

4. Blend this outlines creating shadows. Add dark circles in his ears and paws and with black colour (Berlin wall) draw his nose. Cure for 30 sec.

5. Using black colour and liner brush draw little hair on his head, body and paws. Draw little black eyes. Cure for 30 sec.

6. Using red colour (indonesian lava) draw a bow. Cure for 30 sec.

7. Draw a Christmas tree branches using green colour (#93). Mix this colour with black and white to create different tones of green. Cure for 30 sec.

8. Highlight branches with black, draw some decorative balls on the branches. Also highlight the bow with white and black colours. Add light reflections in his eyes and nose. Cure for 30 sec.

9. Top coat with Top 2 Bottom. Cure 1min.

Olga Menshikova is an educator at ONS Vivid Nails. Visit to find out more.

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