Entries Now Open Into the International Beauty Industry Awards

Entries into the International Beauty Industry (IBI) Awards 2023 have now opened.

From this week, Australian makeup artists can submit their works to go into the running to be named an IBI Makeup Award 2022/2023 recipient across a range of categories.

According to a press release provided by the IBI Awards, the awards are designed to “elevate public awareness to the level of artistic skill and innovation in the beauty industry and celebrate the community of artisans who create this incredible level of work.”

Winner – Best Avant Garde Makeup – IBI Awards 2022

The annual awards are open to entrants from across the globe. Entrants must be over the age of 18. Professional makeup artists, non-professional makeup artists and beauty students are all eligible for entry. Hair artists are also able to enter.

A spokesperson at IBI said, “Australian hair and makeup artists are currently only behind the US and Canada in the number of placements at the international level. Our team and the Judging Council have been so impressed with the exceptional level of artistry. The talent is absolutely there for the country to be recognized as world-leading.”

Entrants are required to submit photographs of their work, up to three per entry. The cost is $US75 per entry, or one free entry for beauty students or those entering the Repairative category.

There are 24 makeup categories in total. Categories range from Best Full Face to Best Natural, Best Drag to Best Bridal. An additional 20 categories are open to hair artists.

Winner – Best Full Face Makeup – IBI Awards 2022

Category Winners and Finalists are blindly selected by a group of elected judges. Those judges will base their selects off of the final work only, regardless of who and where the entry is submitted from. Australian makeup artist Rae Morris has been named as one of 14 judges. Registrations to join the IBI Judging Council are also currently open.

Category Winners will each receive a personalised IBI Award Statuette.

Multi-IBI Award winning makeup artist, Jennifer Ellis who hails from Perth, spoke highly of the competition. “I have won several times since 2018. I actually considered it a win, as cliche as this sounds, just to enter; to be part of this platform that recognises artists, not based on popularity, social media or a name, but purely based on our own artwork. When you pour your blood, sweat, tears, passion, hard work into that image you’ve created with those people that you’ve worked with, to have this platform to share it with, genuinely being a part of it is a win in itself.”

Winner – Best Unconventional Makeup – IBI Awards 2022

“Anyone that is considering entering… even if you’re scared, just do it scared! I have managed to land higher-level, higher-paid gigs when people learned I have won at the international level, it’s actually helped raise the calibre of the teams I’m working with. I think for me personally the biggest thing is the boost to my confidence. As creatives we can sometimes struggle with crippling self-doubt and just having that acknowledgement of your work… it really does push you to work harder and push you out of your comfort zone so you continue growing.”

For more information or to enter now, visit the IBI website.

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