Eco-model partners with Adorn Mineral Cosmetics

Adorn Mineral Cosmetics welcomes Australian eco-model Amanda Rootsey as their brand ambassador for 2012, an eco-friendly enthusiast who shares the same value and passion for the environment as Adorn. Both Amanda and Adorn hope to be a driving force, raising awareness on ethical living, promoting the importance of a more toxic-free lifestyle and reducing the negative impacts on both the environment and personal health.

The decision to select Amanda as one of Adorn’s ambassadors was easy – Amanda’s positive attitude towards protecting the environment not only influences her eating habits but extends to a series of lifestyle changes that ensures optimum health, switching to a vegan diet and simplifying her life to reduce stress. This included moving out of the city and into an eco-cabin in the Sunshine Coast hinterland with her partner, where they live “off the grid” embracing nature without access to electricity, water, sewerage or phone lines and growing their own fruit and vegetables.

An Australian model with international success in Europe working with brands including Salvatore Ferragamo, Skyy Vodka, Cartier, Alex Perry, Morrissey and Myer, Amanda was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2009. After doing her own research, she chose to fight the illness with a combination of natural medicine and chemotherapy as well as implementing significant changes to her lifestyle. After beating cancer and gaining strength, Amanda has recently made a comeback to the fashion industry as Australia’s first Eco-Model.

“We knew Amanda would be a fantastic fit and positive role model for the Adorn Mineral Cosmetics brand,” said founder and creative director Briony Kennedy. “Amanda’s commitment to the environment leading a toxic-free, holistic lifestyle and embracing the use of Adorn’s cosmetics professionally and personally means she can now also be confident about not only what she puts in her body but what she puts on her skin.” Adorn swears by its strong environmental principles making it one of the only Australian made and grown cosmetic labels that is 100% natural, Vegan, Halal, PETA registered, Choose Cruelty Free accredited and the first cosmetics with its own refill and recycle program, so the ambassadorship seemed seem like an obvious choice to Amanda.

Amanda is also the co-founder of Vegan Era, a popular blogger on and recently featured on the cover of eco-fashion magazine Peppermint – who described Amanda as an “all round advocate for Mother Earth.” She also recently appeared on Today Tonight where she spoke about her simple lifestyle changes and was wearing Adorn Mineral Cosmetics while on set.

Further information about the ambassadorship can be found on Adorn’s website and blog.

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